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Nihal and Jihad
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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Samanyolu Dizisi: E21

We start episode 21 with Nourhan promising revenge on Amer; Malak contemplating suicide; and Jihad going home.

While Faten couldn't sleep she hears Jihad coming in, so she hurries to have a word though Jihad doesn't feel like talking to her. Faten asks Jihad: "What is wrong?" he comes down the stairs reluctantly and sits and she comes to join him, he says with pain: "You know me well Faten, don't you?" she nodes, and he continues "So you feel what I'm feeling" she nodes again, and Jihad gestures to his heart "There is so much pain in here, my heart is on fire, I love her in a strange way, I feel like her love is living within me all the time, and it would never end, believe me, if I knew that staying away from her and leaving the country would suffice, I would have left; but I have already tried that, and it didn't work, he can't forget her and I won't."

Jihad leaves Faten sitting and heads to his room, Faten is filled with anguish and guilt, but she can't break Malak's heart, she heads inside their private compartment to check on her before heading for bed again. At first, she thinks Malak slept in her clothes, heavily deep in sleep, until she spots the empty medicine bottle.

Faten tries to wake Malak, but she won't budge, she starts screaming for help, the whole household wake up running toward Faten's screaming voice. Jihad nudges them urgently carrying Malak to the car and heads straight to the nearest hospital, followed by the rest of the family.

In the Akangi household, Palqees is restless and resenting Ali's stay at her house and her bed. She hears Nourhan coming in, so she heads to her to investigate about her date with Amer. Nourhan is outraged, she speaks in an angry outraged voice restraining tears: "Don't ever, bring Amer's name in this house!"  And she slams the door to her bedroom. Palqees is surprised, but returns to her bedroom.

While in the hospital, the Saral family is sitting on a nervous edge, waiting to see if Malak would survive her suicide attempt or not. Khalil and Faten are devastated about Malak; the doctor confirms Malak's stability, though he remarked that if they had waited longer she would have died.

By the morning, Malak heads with her mom and dad, home, Khalil keeps asking the same question with no answer: "Why?"

In the other car, Jihad is filled with guilt because Malak tried to take her own life. But Farida won't have any of that; she insisted that it wasn't his fault. Farida says that so many people have lived on after a broken heart. Jihad looks at Nihal in the back seat through the mirror, they lock eyes guiltily.

Amer rings on Nihal, but Nihal tells him she can't take his call now, Jihad is on edge. Amer asks what the problem is, and Nihal tells him about Malak. The whole Andatch family is present, and they take the news of Malak in and decided to pay the Saral family a friendly visit.

Palqees comes into Nourhan's room to check on her, and Nourhan tells her mom that Amer is intending on marrying Nihal. Palqees is outraged, and plans revenge on both the Andatch and the Saral Families.

Back at the Saral home, Faten, Nihal and Farida fuss around Malak, trying to make her feel comfortable, but Malak is dull and silent after her painful night at the hospital and wants to be alone in her bedroom, but Nihal insists on assisting Malak to her room.

In Malak's bedroom, Nihal takes Malak's jacket and let's her sit on the bed, then she hugs her to her deeply and cries, Malak is cold towards her, but Nihal looks at her with tears steaming her eyes and says: "Believe me, I love you more than you can imagine, I always thought of you as my sister, you are my sister, Malak, believe me, I don't love him..." her voice breaks but she carries on "but even if you were right, I can never hurt you even for Jihad, believe me I love no one more than you and my mother."

Malak says sadly: "But even if you don't love him Nihal, Jihad loves you. I know that for sure."
Nihal says: "From where do you bring such nonsense! How could you try to kill yourself over this?! Please, understand this, Jihad and I are only cousins."

Malak looks at her guiltily: "Nihal, I'm saying the truth, one time, I snooped around Jihad's laptop and found these beautiful poetry and stories all about you."
Nihal looks at her but pulls away: "I think you misread them, I'm sure they're about a different woman."
Malak says: "No, he started writing them since the day he kissed you while it's snowing. Since that day and his heart has belonged to you. I should admitted Nihal, I was so jealous from you, because he loved you not me." Nihal looks at Malak tenderly and hugs her again.

Back at the Akanji Company, Palqees is informed that Jihad won't come to the company today.

Outside of Malak's room, Jihad is waiting and Nihal comes out, Jihad asks if Malak would welcome him in her room, Nihal says that he should even if she didn't like that.

N: even if she said otherwise, you are the only person she wants to see now.
J: alright.

Jihad knocks the door, and Nihal watches him enter Malak's room from the end of the hall way, Jihad greets Malak and pulls her beside him for a talk.

While Khalil, Faten and Farida are waiting in the upstairs living room for news of how Malak is doing, Nihal comes and informs them she is doing fine. Everyone is relived, Nihal says she will make a fresh juice for Malak and asks if anyone wants a glass, but Faten says she will gladly take it to her, Nihal says sweetly: "I want to take the juice to my sister."

But Khalil replies meanly: "Why haven't you treated her like a sister before any of this happened?!" Farida doesn't like what happened or the way Khalil spoke to Nihal.

Downstairs in Malak's room, Malak starts talking: "I'm so ashamed from you" Jihad cuts her and says: "There is no need to reopen the subject."

M: and Nihal?
J: What about Nihal?

Nihal walks closer to Malak's bedroom door, but stops when she hears the conversation.

M: You love Nihal
J: (chuckles) what nonsense!
M: I know. I've always felt it. If the subject is really closed let's say the truth and then leave it alone. I read your letters and poems on your laptop. I read all you wrote about her.

Jihad looks heavenward and laughs bitterly, and Nihal comes closer to the door to hear his answer.

J: and of course you read them and thought I wrote all of this to Nihal.
Malak quotes Jihad's first poem: "The first kiss in a snowy night..." I know you wrote this to Nihal, I was standing beside the window and I saw you kiss.

Nihal listens intently and Jihad says: "and you thought we love each other? You didn't ask and then you tried to kill yourself!

Jihad tsks and says brotherly: "Malak, you mean to me like Nihal means to me." Nihal hears him a gulps back a sob.
M: so to whom do you write? Who is this woman you love so much?
J: Maria
M: Maria?
J: yes, I wrote all of this to her.

Nihal stand in indignation and pain. Malak continues: "so where is she now? Why do all your poems seems like it's written to Nihal?"
J: promise me you will keep my secret.
M: promise.
J: because she is married. That’s why our love is impossible. But I'm still in love with her.

Nihal stands there listening while her heart broke to tiny pieces.

In the evening, we see all of the Andatch family at the Saral house; Malak thanks everyone for caring about her welfare.

Malak talks and talks while you could cut the tension with a knife, especially between Amer and Jihad. Than Malak breaks the tension with Amer and says: "I'm not sure what will happen in the future, but Nihal thinks of you seriously. Nihal and Farida look at Malak sharply. (She just won't quit!) Amer rejoice, and Nihal gives him a small smile.

Suddenly everything changes from visiting Malak, to asking Nihal to marry Amer, Amir’s father asks and Nihal agrees though everyone is shocked, especially Jihad.

Everyone rejoice happily except for Jihad and Farida seems shocked by Nihal hastiness. And the engagement is set on the next Saturday.

In the club, Ali and Palqees are having dinner but Palqees was disappointed that the Andatch family hasn't came as always.

In the Andatch car in their way home, they are still so happy over the hastily engagement, but in the Saral house, thing are different. Jihad is totally against the engagement; Farida keeps asking Nihal if she's sure about her decision. But Malak acts like a mean devil and keeps pushing Nihal towards Amer away from Jihad.

Nourhan and Jihad decide to meet, especially that Jihad need to get away from the house and Nihal. After Jihad leaves, Nihal heads to her room as well leaving the rest behind. But Malak won't leave Nihal alone, she follows her in to talk about how wise her decision is and to push her to marry quickly. We see from the conversation that there were two elements for Nihal to say yes to Amer.

First so Malak will lay off her and believe she has no feelings for Jihad and second because she thinks Jihad is in love with someone else while she loves him still. Malak leaves the room happily with triumph and Nihal cries.

Then Farida comes to have a talk with her daughter to see if she really will be happy with Amer and if she loves Jihad. But as always Nihal hides her feelings deeply.

We see Omar drunk outside of the Saral house gate calling for her and having a heart attack, Khalil takes the garbage out and finds Omar down, he calls for help and everyone hurries toward the gate. Before Khalil goes to throw the garbage and finds Omar he has a talk with Malak, trying to know what she committed suicide, but she won't tell him.

We see the four women standing looking at the departure car taking Omar and Khalil to the nearest hospital.

In the restaurant Nourhan tries to know if Nihal is Omar's daughter or not but Jihad keeps making fun of the whole story.

Khalil discovers that Omar has cancer and feels sorry for him.

All of the three women are sitting under the gazebo trying to calm Faten down. Malak wishes Omar dies because she could see that her mother still loves him, Farida scolds her for her harsh words about a dying man. So Malak leaves them. Nihal asks then why was Faten so scared when she saw him is it because she was afraid he will tell her husband everything? Farida and Faten fidget uncomfortably under the innocence of Nihal's gaze and question.

Nihal says innocently: "Omar said he had a daughter about my age, I wish if we could tell her about her father." Faten can't take the burning guilt and asks them to leave her alone.

Nourhan notices and remarks that Jihad is drinking a lot. Suddenly Nourhan feels nauseated, but she thinks it's because she is on diet. Jihad informs Nourhan that Nihal and Amer got engaged, and Nourhan is shocked it happened so quickly.

Jihad tells her that once Amer gets a woman he disposes of her and no longer wants her, but he will kill him if he did that to Nihal or anyone of his family members. Nourhan listens sadly.

See you soon in E.22


  1. thank you really I missing your wonderful writing
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  2. Ooooooooh!!!!!!!!!! No! Thak you Hoda! I love that you love my blog and you actaully enjoy reading how I write about the series :) I will keep blogging until I reach E.55 :)