Nihal and Jihad

Nihal and Jihad
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Monday, June 27, 2011

Samanyolu Dizisi: E20

So here we go again!!!

We start in front of Jihad's company. Palqees got out of the car and Nada is on her way in the elevator to Jihad's office.

Jihad is on the phone, speaking with someone, and insisting that some things should be delivered at the same time to the same address. He finishes the phone call with a satisfied smile on his lips.

Palqees sees Nada waiting outside because Jihad is on the phone, so she simply lets herself in and tells Nada to follow. Jihad tries to tell Palqees to leave politely, but she acts sweetly and says: "I only have one question, is Nihal really the daughter of Farida?" Jihad is shocked into silence, Palqees is glad and Nada is astonished!

But Jihad plays it cool and asks her from where she brought such nonsense! And Nada agrees. Palqees doesn't though, because she insisted that if he and Nihal weren't cousins they might suit as lovers especially after the anniversary party of Nada's parents.

So Jihad decides then to whip the smile of her face by stating that he will proceed with the investigations about his father's death.

Than Palqees empresses Nada by saying that she noticed how much she likes Jihad but that she should be careful because Nihal might be not his cousin after all.

We see Amer and his father talking about marriage and Nihal. And then his father declares that he wishes that he and Nihal marry so their companies would join because the Andatch family isn't doing great financially.

Nada and Jihad went out for lunch and Nada won't let go on what she heard, she kept asking if Nihal was really his cousin. So Jihad tells her a fabricated truth about Omar and Faten alone, leaving Nihal out of it. And Nada buys it all. But then she asks another question, why did his and Amer's relationship changed so thoroughly, and is it really for Nihal's sake? But Jihad doesn't answer.

We see Nihal entering the main building of university and a friend's of Malak stops her to give her something for Malak because she didn't show up and they have an important test soon.

Malak is sitting at her bed in her room, crying with a rage building up within herself, she grapes the photo of herself with Nihal and Jihad and smashes it to the wall.

Faten hears the voice from the kitchen and hurries to Malak's room, she finds Malak crying and trying to collect the broken glass while bleeding, and she hugs her and tries to comfort her pain.

Returning to Nada and Jihad in the restaurant, Nada is trying to defend her brother and say that he changed this time and that he really cares for Nihal.

Nada tries to dig into Jihad's past, heart and secrets, she tries to see if there is any woman in his heart and she is shocked that there is one, but he lies about her true identity.

Jihad says that there is always that special person in his heart, that she doesn't have to be near him all the time, but he feels her in him always. She asks him what happened next, he tells her that they're story never started to end. Nada is surprised and she speculated that his mystery lady must be married. Jihad leaves her believing that assumption.

Nada asks another question: "Why did you love her?"
Jihad answers: "I loved myself in her, I loved that she was part of myself." he asks her then: "Do you know what love is? It is the completion of one's soul with another."

Nihal while out of her class picks her ringing phone to find Amer on the other line. He tries to teas her about Jihad but she asks him not to speak about him, he then asks her out, she refuses so he tells her they need to continue their conversation because she is the one he wants, he says he loves her, but Nihal doesn't say it back and hangs up.

Omar and Faten meet while she is going back home with groceries, he begs her again to tell him the truth so she won't feel guilty after he dies, but she leaves him again with no answers.

At evening Palqees returns home to find Nourhan with a glass of red wine and sorrow, because Amer hasn't called yet.

Nihal returns home to find her mother sitting with all her sold antiques at auctions with happy tears in her eyes. Malak informs her that Jihad bought all of them back for his aunt and sent them to her at the same time. Jihad returns then kissing and hugging his aunt, telling her she deservers even more.

We see Nada going out greeting Amer who just got in, Nada than insists that he solves his issues with Nourhan before he moves forward. Amer agrees reluctantly.

We see Nourhan looking at her phone refusing to answer but Palqees answers for her and hands her the phone, forcing her to face the music and dance. They then decide to meet at Amer's place.

At the Saral family dinner, everyone is sitting at the table with a grump expression except for Farida who tries to lighten the atmosphere up, she than asks Malak to smile a bit. She doesn't, so Nihal tries to tell her that whatever it is, it will pass and things will turn better. Malak answers meanly and says it is easy for Nihal to speak that way because she is not her, Malak.

Nihal than announces that she will be going out to dinner with Amer, who suggested that their outings shall be conducted alone. Jihad gets upset, Khalil asks her if she plans to marry Amer, Nihal says she isn't sure yet, that is way they should meet a couple of times alone to get to know each other.

Nihal throws another bomb, saying that Amer asked her to marry him already but she is still considering the offer. Malak is out of her mind with jealously because she sees how Nihal's words are affecting Jihad.

Faten and Farida give their consent to the match, saying Amer is a catch but the last decision shall be Nihal's. Jihad than shocks Nihal by saying: "If you gave him such a chance with you, than I was wrong in my actions. I shall visit him tomorrow and apologize for my interference."

He then gets up leaving his food untouched, and Nihal shocked by his words. Malak leaves the table too followed by Nihal. In Malak's room, Nihal tries to apologize to Malak because she told her mother that she loves Jihad.

Farida tells Faten that they should tell Nihal the truth, Farida tells her that Jihad loves Nihal, and he is in so much pain because of their secret. She tells her Palqees already knows the truth, and Malak hates Nihal, her own sister, because she loves Jihad as well. Faten begs Farida to keep their secret because Malak also is in pain, and she also loves Jihad. So again, they agree to keep the secret.

Nihal confronts Malak asking her why she is treating her so badly, though she already tried to apologize several times already. Nihal than tells Malak that she saw her when she kissed Jihad, and that crushed her. Malak explodes telling Nihal that she is a liar, she tells her that she too loves Jihad, and she isn't crushed for her, she is happy because she could see that Jihad only loves her. She shouts at her telling her to get out of her room, that she hates her.

When Nihal tries another time, Malak pushes her hard to the wall shouting at her to get out of her room. Nihal starts crying tears of pain.

We see Nourhan trying to see why Amer is treating her that way, Amer tries to break it off softly without hurting her feelings, Nourhan says than that she likes him and she knows he likes her, all she asks for is good times, nothing more, and they start kissing, Amer softens towards her and pulls her upstairs to his bed.

we see Jihad on his way to Amer's house; while Palqees and Ali are making love, but Palqees is worried that Nourhan might come early and surprises them, Ali gets upset asking her to marry him again, she tells him she will marry him if he discovers Jihad's family secrets, he pushes her telling her "no conditions" either she marries him or she forgets about him.

Nihal is crying in her room; Farida is worried about their secret; Faten is silent with her husband; and Malak is pulling pills to kill herself.

Nourhan and Amer are making love when Jihad rings the bell, Amer is shocked to see Jihad at his doorstep, Nourhan freaks out when she hears her brother's voice talking with Amer, she gets closer to hear what they're saying, she hears Jihad asking Amer about his dinner with Nihal tomorrow evening, Amer confirms it, Jihad says he is here to apologize for his actions, but if he knows he hurt Nihal in any way he will kill him, even if she agreed to marry Amer, Jihad says, he is still  going to be close by to watch over her. Nourhan is shocked to hear that Amer plans to marry Nihal while he was in bed with her a minute ago.

Jihad leaves and Nourhan ascends the stares angrily, shouting at Amer, who tries to calm her down with sweet words, but she tells him he will be sorry for the way he treated her, and him being Amer didn't care and shrugged her threat off.

Malak swallows all the pills and lies in her bed waiting for death.

Keep you posted!! See you later in episode 21!

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