Nihal and Jihad

Nihal and Jihad
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Samanyolu Dizisi: E19

After dinner at the farm we see Amer and Nihal sitting outside, while Amer is trying to tell Nihal what he feels and she trying to feel something for him.

Meanwhile, Jihad excuses himself of Nada to talk a walk; he heads quickly out after putting his coat on. Malak of course is watching everything from the kitchen window. Faten comes to join her asking her daughter what is going on, she tells her she doesn't know.

Amer is telling Nihal, he might be a womanizer but in the end he wants to settle in with one woman, and he feels that she might be the one. The woman he loves. Nihal at that point feels utterly uncomfortable and bend her head downward, but Amer pushes her face toward him, pulling her closer. he says: "And I want to be with you." he pulls her for a kiss, but the front door of the house pulls open and Jihad immerges to the scene, he looks at them furiously and heads toward them fast.

Jihad looks at Nihal then Amer and punches him in the face, Nihal inhaled air with a squeak so did Faten and Malak from inside the kitchen.

Nihal tries to stand between Amer and Jihad, while Jihad was shouting: "I told you to stay away from her you asshole!"

Nihal tries to separate them while Jihad is pushing forward toward Amer: "Jihad, please! What are you doing!?"

Jihad says: "Let him thank God I didn't kill him!"

Amer smiles with a satisfied grin on his face: "Why are you so upset!?"

Jihad shouts: "Listen to me! Never come near her again or else!" Amer looks at him with a sarcastic grin on his face.

"Look Amer, if you are trying to score here, I will whip you from this earth!"

Nihal still is begging for them to calm down. "Jihad, what are you saying?"

Amer answers quickly: "He thinks I'm not good enough for you! Because he believes I will hurt you!" Amer starts clapping his hands together "Bravo my friend! You trust me a lot!"

Jihad looks at him with a disgusted look in his face: "What's this bullshit you’re speaking of?! Don't let me dry your dirty laundry here! We know each other well and from a long time!"

Amer shouts back: "Apparently I don't know you well Jihad! I'm still discovering new things about you! It is true that I've been a jerk but when a man finds what he is looking for he changes! Nihal is the one I want to marry! I don't get why you are so against the idea!? Apparently I'm not good enough to marry her to you!"

Jihad shouts: "Shut up! Stop lying!"

Nihal shouts too: "Please, both of you stop! I will decide what is good for me! Stop telling me what to do!" she looks at Jihad and continues "I don't need you to protect me! Because there is nothing to protect me from!" she looks at Amer "I don't get why you are fighting like kids!"

Amer looks at Nihal: "Please Nihal don't intervene! This matter is between Jihad and me! So please leave!"

Nihal walks away across the yard and Amer and Jihad come closer, to stare down at each other and Jihad says: "You will never change! You are using Nihal to make me jealous! "

Amer tsk-tsk and says: "I don't want to make you jealous, you heard what she said, she will decides what she wants. If you weren’t cousins I would have thought there is something going on with you, but I think you are only a selfish person, your mind can't tolerate that I actually love Nihal, Do you understand me?!"

Jihad says slowly and calmly: "Shut up Amer, don't say anything more on the subject." He looks at his friend's face with so much pain in his face "Please leave this house at once Amer, please!"

Nihal was hearing everything from behind the wall, Amer leaves Jihad with a look of determination on his face, and Jihad stands with fury and pain on his.

We see the whole family heading back home leaving the farm and the holiday they all planned; Farida talks to both Jihad and Nihal and asks to know what happened. Jihad answers that Amer is the reason, and they will no longer meet.

On the other car we see Amer talking furiously to his sister Nada, telling her that Jihad loves Nihal and he was mad at him as if he hit on his wife! Nada thinks Amer is delusional and says so.

We see Palqees and Ali in front of a restaurant, Ali will wait in the car while Palqees goes in to meet Omar and know the secrets of Farida, Faten and Nihal.

Nourhan calls Jihad while they are still on the way home, and were upset that she wasn't invited to the farm, and she wanted to meet Jihad tonight but he says he is too tired and they decided to meet tomorrow.

We see that Palqees arrived before Omar, and was waiting for him, they greet each other and talk pleasantries and then jump right to the business, Omar asks Palqees what does she want, she tells him she wants to help because she too has problems with the Saral family.

And he drops the bomb: He was Faten’s lover; they had a child he never met. A daughter. And he thinks Nihal might be her.

The family reaches the house, everyone dismount of the car quickly, but not as quickly as Nihal, she rushes inside followed by the rest of them. Farida tries following her daughter asking her to tell her why she is so upset, Nihal begs her to leave her alone for a while. But Farida demands to know what happened, why everyone is upset and why the Andatch siblings left suddenly.

Nihal says that the 3 (meaning Malak, Faten and Jihad) with you saw everything, when I'm inside my room let them tell you everything. Faten is appalled by the statement.

Nihal says in the 3rd person: "Amer tried to kiss Nihal and Jihad punched him in the face!" Farida is shocked. Jihad says angrily: "Nihal stop making it such a big deal!"

When they are in the front parlor, Jihad comes to her and says: "Ok, I give up, I won't intervene in your personal life anymore, and you already said you need no one to protect you!"

Farida is worried and can't watch silently, she tries to understand and make them speak.

Nihal says she doesn't know what is up with Jihad, and maybe her mom should ask him what is wrong with him "He puts his nose where it doesn't belong!"

Jihad is mad then: "Ok!! So you wanted him to kiss you and I destroyed the romantic moment!" Everyone looks uncomfortable including Nihal; Jihad continues "You made me say such a thing in front of them."

Nihal says: "You really crossed the line! You talk about what you don't know!"

He crosses the distance between them in two long strides and looks at her while he is looming over her: "Look into my eyes and tell me to stay away from you! Tell me to get out of your life! Don't protect me! Tell me this and I won't come near you again! Come on say it!"

She looks at him with tears in her eyes and weakness and then to the other 3 women, and back to Jihad's eyes: "Stay out of my life." and walks away.

Jihad stands there looming to space as if Nihal still was standing there with words that broke his heart spilling from her lips. He then clears from his trance and follows the stairs to his room.  Malak collapses on the nearest chair with a fixed fact in her head: Jihad loves Nihal desperately.

Nada and Amer reach their house, Amer excuses himself to sleep but Nada stops him insisting they have so much to talk about. Like Nourhan.

Nada insists that Amer should talk to Nourhan one last time if he is truly serious about Nihal and end things in a friendly way so Jihad will never know and hate Amer even more. And so Palqees won't make a bigger problem because she is Nourhan's mother and of course she knows everything that went between Amer and Nourhan. Nada excuses herself to sleep and Amer sits there knowing his sister is right but not liking what he has to do.

Palqees is so happy by the surprising revelations of her meeting with Omar and she is telling Ali everything she plans for the Saral family.

Farida is looking at a photo of Jihad and Nihal as kids and is crying about how things have gone wrong and not as she planned.

Nihal is crying because she fought with Jihad over Amer and she told the one person who means the world to her to stay away from her life.

Jihad is sitting writing his desperate love story to Nihal, a woman he might never get to love and have.

Malak is laying in her bed thinking of her unrequited love to Jihad and her jealousy of Nihal. And remembering they're first and last kiss.

Khalil is so upset for not knowing anything that happens in the house and he feels he is not a man enough to his wife, Faten is too depressed to argue and she drowns in her own thoughts and sorrows.

We see Jihad writing what Nihal said and what he felt later:
"She said leave me alone, a part of myself agrees with her, but another part says never let go, death is more merciful then leaving her, I can't stand seeing Amer taking her away from me, what shall I do? Where should I go? To whom am I supposed to open my heart and pour my secrets? My heart is aching from the heavy burden of this secret that is standing between me and what I want, I wish to ask her: if you just knew that I'm not your cousin would you have loved me back as much as I love you?"

Malak goes to Jihad's room and he stops writing to see who it is, he asks and Malak answers, he doesn't feel like facing her right now but he opens the door anyway.

She asks him if she could come in to talk, he gesture for her to enter. Jihad is waiting for her to speak, so was Malak, but she took the lead saying she should be ashamed of what she's done, she said she didn't expect what happened.
He agrees that he didn't see that one coming as well, she says with pain and tears in her eyes that he even didn't want what she offered.

Jihad looks at her and says tenderly: "Malak" she looks at him and says: "You don't feel about me the way I feel about you."

He says: "I do love you but not the way you love me. Today has been stressful, everyone in the household is upset and in pain, that's why I don't want to speak about this subject, but I'm putting myself in your shoes, and I know you need to talk and won't sleep."

She agrees: "I won't sleep, you are right, that's why I need you to be honest. Please give me an answer. I just need to know where I stand with you. I need to know because I feel so ashamed, though I have a good idea what will your answer be but I still need to hear it from you."
Jihad says: "Malak, you are a sister to me, that's all, and you will always remain a sister to me in my eyes."

 Malak gasps and walks out of the room crying. Jihad feels devastated that he broke her heart.
Morning comes and we see Mahran, Omar and the aunt having breakfast and Mahran saying that Nihal couldn't be Omar's daughter, and tells him to have some sense and leave Faten alone.

Breakfast at the Saral table was filled with silence and tension, Nihal and Jihad sat beside each other and didn't say a word to one another. Malak was heartbroken and played with her food, Faten and Farida were worried. Jihad excused himself and left the table.

Farida says: "Okay Jihad and Nihal fought but what about you two?! Why aren't you speaking?" Malak laughs ironically.

Nihal asks: "Why are you smiling like this?"
Malak answers: "You know why."
Nihal apologize: "Yesterday I was so upset, I didn't mean to hurt anyone else by my actions." Malak mumbles: "Fine."

Nihal excuses herself to leave as well, Nihal kisses her mom who says: "Kiss Malak and make-up, if that's how you'll both start your day, how would it end!?" So Nihal kisses Malak, Farida continues: "Kiss Faten as well because she is like your mother." Faten flinches at the word "Mother". Nihal leaves then.

Outside in the cold morning, Nihal finds Jihad waiting for her leaning on his car, she tries to ignore him and walk past him but Jihad stops her.

J: "Nihal wait, I've been waiting for you." she looks at him indignantly and says: "There's nothing left to be said."

J: "Even prisoners facing hanging are left to say something." she turns around and faces him saying: "What you did to Amer say differently, you judge him without hearing what he has to say."
J: "You seem to be on his side!"
N: "What you did yesterday wasn't tasteful at all; I'm just saying the truth without taking sides."

He shrugs: "Come on let me give you a ride." Nihal declines: "No, thank you, I prefer to walk."
She takes a couple of steps and finds Jihad walking with her saying: "Fine, we'll walk together." She tsks: "I just want to understand what your problem with him is! Aren't you supposed to be friends?"

J: "Being my friend and trying to get close to you is something else! You need to be careful."
N: "Is that all that matters to you? My safety? Is that it?"

Jihad looks at her with mixed feelings: "What else might it be then?!" she looks at him trying to see the truth, but doesn't see what she wants so she says: "I don't care about his past, I care about my feelings towards him and what he feels for me, that is all that matters to me."
He looks at her with worry: "Do you have feelings for him?" she answers honestly: "No, but I wish I could. I wish I could love him."

They both look at each other deeply then Nihal says: "I saw you yesterday kissing Malak."
J: "Sadly, Malak has strange feelings for me. She told me she loves me. Although she is the last woman I could think about. "
N: "Did you tell her that?"
J: "Yes, obliviously I broke her heart."

Nihal nods toward his car: "Go to your car now, I want to walk alone." he tries to walk with her but she refuses again. She walks away, turns her head to him, and finds him rooted where she left him staring at her but she walks away without uttering a word.

Inside Farida and Faten sit at the table talking, Faten tells Farida that Nihal was saying the truth when she said Malak loves Jihad, and tells her what happened between them yesterday.

Malak sits in the kitchen staring at the necklace Jihad got her.

Khalil notices Malak's woolgathering and asks but Faten tries to distract him. But Malak fights with him and leaves to sit under the gazebo.

The bells rings and their guest is no other that Palqees, carrying the news that she knows Nihal is adopted from Omar and she threatens them she will know the truth and then she will fight them. Faten is terrified and out of her mind of anger and fear. Farida tries to fight back but Palqees was holding all the cards. Palqees said she wants the house and to put Farida down but if it was true then she will destroy her and Faten as well.

While Khalil was putting the trash out, Palqees marveled about telling him the truth but thought the better of it and head to Ali's waiting car.

Faten tells Farida: "It is over, our secrets came back to haunt us, everyone will know the truth now." Faten goes to take a breath and see Malak to find her crying. Malak tells her mom about Jihad's rejection and tells her she wishes that she left to her scholarship.

Later on E20! Xo


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