Nihal and Jihad

Nihal and Jihad
With a Magic Wand, I'll be Yours...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Samanyolu Dizisi: E18

We start were we left with Jihad standing in his office remembering Nihal between his arms while they were dancing in the restaurant dreaming of a love with no end like the milky way.

Nihal sees Malak between classes and tries to catch her and talk to her but Malak doesn't cooperate well. Nihal tries to convince Malak to talk to her family so they could stay with them, Malak says it is for the best but she won't stop loving Jihad even if they left. Then Malak leaves with her friends leaving Nihal alone.

Meanwhile Palqees passes the meeting room and sees Jihad taking the lead on the meeting and is so jealous and worried that he is taking control over the company.

When Palqees enters Ali's office, he gives the great news, he knows who Omar Farki is and why he is important for the Saral family, he tells her his past with Faten.

Omar's aunt comes for another visit filling their cake mold with date cakes and asking to meet Farida, but Khalil who opened the door acts rude until Farida comes and invited her in. Farida makes sure that Khalil isn't within hearing range.

Down stairs, Khalil tells Faten that the old woman from next door is upstairs with Farida, Faten is furious and heads upstairs like a bullet.

The aunt was telling Farida that Omar doesn't know she is here but she needed to talk to them, Faten storms in and demand that the old lady leaves the house immediately, and she and her nephew should leave her alone. The woman is calm and asks them to speak her peace before she leaves. She then begs Faten to tell Omar the truth because he is dying and leaves. Faten is shocked with grief but Farida asks Faten not to tell him anything because she thinks he is dying.

Jihad's mind was with Amer's words about his promise to make Nihal part of his future and his mood is so dark and distracted from the meeting. While Jihad is in the meeting he receives a text message in his mobile from Nihal, saying she is waiting outside until he's done. Jihad sees the message and his mood improves immediately, he apologizes and leaves the meeting heading to his office.

Jihad invites Nihal in his private office immediately, they joke with each other and Nihal admires his office, and moves around it freely, Jihad says she worried him with her previous phone call, she then asks him if they could go to his farm, he asks what farm, she says his father's farm, and asks if it is still his, he smiles and says yes it is still his, and asks he why did it cross her mind, she answers the term is over and she wonders if it would make the house-hold relaxed a bit and loosen up.

She tells him she want them to be all together away from Faten's ex because she is thinking of moving away, Jihad is surprised by the news, he agrees to go to the farm and comments that it isn't far from the city and he could come and go to work from there, he said he has to call the staff their and inform them of their arrival. Nihal thanks him and tells him to hurry! Jihad feels happy for the idea of a vacation away from the Akanji family!

He asks Nihal if she ate and she tells him she already did, she tells him he could go back to his meeting but he says she saved him from boredom, and decides to give her a tour around. He courtesies for her and opens the door and they go for the tour.

Farida makes Faten swear she won't tell Omar anything even if she feels sorry for him; Faten assures her she won't because to her Omar died from a long time.

Nihal jokes that she didn't know how rich Jihad was, he answers that this is his entire father's money, she says that he owns it now. Palqees passes and stops to make 'friendly' conversation with them. Jihad then informs her that he is taking his aunt's family to their farm, she says: "sure, it is half yours anyway." A phone call comes to Jihad and he steps away, Palqees continues to talk with Nihal asking her who else will be joining them, Jihad comes back to join them and Nihal says she will leave him because he seems busy now.

While walking to the main gate, Nihal's phone rings, and it was Amer, Jihad's mood grows dark again, he tries to excuse himself but Nihal insist on him staying. Amer asks her out but she says she can't go because they will spend some time in Jihad's farm, Amer makes it hard for Nihal not to invite him with them, Jihad's face harden. And when she closes the line he asks her why she invited him, she says: "he asked and I couldn't possibly say no."

Nada then steps inside, and Nihal is filled with jealousy, but Jihad smiles greeting Nada, who greeted them back. Nihal excuses herself after Jihad extends the invite to Nada as well.

Palqees hears Nada saying to Jihad that she and her family will be dinning in the country club and asks him to join but he declines, and Palqees asks for reservation for two.

Omar asks Mahran to tell him what he found out about Nihal's birth and documents, but Mahran says all what he found is normal and nothing to cause questions about her background. Omar insists that the Saral family is lying and that Nihal is truly his daughter because she was born after 5 months from his abduction day.

Malak was working on her photos when her mom enters her room but sees Omar's ring on her finger, she begs her daughter not to wear it anymore, Malak then takes it off and hands it to her mother. Nihal knocks at the door and asks to come in but Malak isn't happy to see her, she tells Faten that she asked Khalil and he agreed to the idea of leaving for the weekend to the farm, Faten says leaving for a weekend isn't the answer, but Nihal says it might be fun, Malak of course disagrees, but when she hears that Jihad is in too, she totally changes her attitude.

Jihad then comes home and his aunt greets him warmly, he asks where everyone is and she tells him they are downstairs, she tells him that the aunt came today, and said that Omar is dying, Jihad is mad; Farida says she will never forgive Faten for lying about such an important thing for years.

Nihal, Malak and Faten come and Nihal says: "You are here early!" Jihad says: "Not at all." she remarks that he left Nada early, and Malak is jealous, he greets her: "Hello kiddo!" and heads upstairs to change his clothes.

Malak asks Nihal where did she meet Nada today, she tells her she went to Jihad and talked about the farm but Malak still is jealous from Nihal.

In the country club we see Amer trying to break up with Budoor until Nada and Medhat come to join them. But Budoor wants to know why. Nada and Medhat arrive followed by Nourhan and Palqees. Budoor is instantly nervous and so is Amer. Nourhan is shocked at her mother. Medhat asks Amer if he is having a relationship with Nourhan but Amer ignores him.

Her mom says they should have revenge on Amer and that Nourhan should hurry up and snatch him quickly.

Jihad comes out of his room and tells Nihal that preparations are being made in the farm for their arrival, and he said they would prepare Amer's room first. Malak says meanly: "Now I understand why you are so excited about going this weekend." Jihad smiles and Nihal gets furious and tells him she could call him and cancel the whole thing if he would call Nada. Jihad says that Amer said so many things about her today and that he is thinking of her seriously, Nihal says meaningfully that maybe she should think of him seriously too and that one woman goes from this house to be replaced by another woman from the Andatch family (meaning Nada) Malak leaves the room then. Jihad and Nihal look at each other with anger and pain in their eyes, Faten then says dinner is ready. Jihad leaves to go down stairs while Nihal sits there thinking.

Later we see Malak looking at a photo of her with Jihad and Nihal; she then remembers a conversation between herself and Nihal when she told her she loves Jihad. She then kisses Jihad's face in the photo. While Jihad sits in his room thinking miserably of Nihal and Amer. and Nihal is sleeping peacefully in her room.

The next morning, Mahran looks at the Saral's house to find it empty. The family left early and headed to the farm house.

We see Khalil outside taking care for horses happily and Faten and Farida sitting inside beside the fireplace having a relaxed talk.

Then we see Nihal and Malak in the horses stable feeding them sugar and Jihad helping the men getting the horses ready. While they all are petting a brown horse, Jihad says sadly: "My mother used to love this farm a lot." Both girls look at him alarmingly; Jihad had a hard time with his parents and childhood that he rarely talks about it.

"I remember this incident as if it is a dream, once after she and my father had a big fight, she picked me up and drove to this place, poor thing couldn't speak, she cried the whole time." Jihad pulls away to another horse.

Nihal inquiries: "What happened then?"

"She discovered my father's relationship with his secretary at the time, my stop-mother, Palqees. Palqees then discovered that she was pregnant and wanted my father to leave my mother and marry her. From that point it all the problems got bigger."

Malak asks rashly and then regrets it when Jihad flinches and Nihal gives her the eye: "After how many time did she die?"

"She took it for 3 months. Then she killed herself, I always thought she got sick and then she died, until my father slipped and told me the truth."

Nihal tries to lighten the atmosphere filled with dark memories: "How about we go for a walk in the fresh air?" she comes and hugs Jihad sideway and jokes: "You seem so terrified from horses." he smiles sadly at her "Come on!"

Nihal heads to the fresh air leaving Malak staring at Jihad sympathetically, Jihad tells Malak: "Wait for me outside with Nihal; I'll follow in a minute."

"Jihad" slips from Malak's mouth as she rush to hug him to her, "I love you so much" she says. He says in a brother manner "I love you too, a lot."

Nihal returns without them noticing and stands still as she sees Malak and Jihad embracing. She tries not to look, but every time she turns to go, she comes back to be stabbed with hurt and jealousy more.

Malak then pulls away to look into Jihad's face and say: "But Jihad, I'm in love with you." Jihad's face is shocked, suddenly Malak dive into his arms and put her lips into his, getting her first kiss.

Nihal sees the kiss and is filled with agonizing pain.

Jihad pushes Malak away. She cries saying: "I'm sorry; I couldn't hold my feelings any longer."

She starts to shiver and cry, she tries to pull away but her legs grow weak from deep emotion, she runs to the yard.

At that moment, Nada and Amer arrive and Nihal rushes to them, focusing her feelings and legs on Amer. She says loudly to alarm the 'Love Birds': "Amer and his sister are here!"

Jihad pulls away from Malak feeling confused and out of focus, he goes to greet their gusts leaving Malak alone.

Nihal rushes to Amer and hugs him deeply, he is surprised by the warm welcome and embrace and remarks on it, she says: "I'm glad you are here!" then she greets Nada who remarks that Nihal's face is like ice.

Jihad comes to join them and welcome the siblings, Amer notices at once that Jihad is not normal, he asks sarcastically: "What happened to you?! Hello we are here!" Malak follows after Jihad with no balance.

Malak greets them briefly then excuses herself away. Nada and Amer feel something is up but don't ask. They all then head inside, because the weather is cold and snowy.

Farida and Faten greet their guests warmly and invite them quickly.

Malak is setting on her bed staring into her lips with a hand mirror, smiling dreamily to herself, he mom comes in inquiring why she isn't out with the rest of them, Malak then tells her everything happily but her mom warns her not raise her hopes up.

We see Nada and Amer, Farida Nihal and Jihad enter the living room to sit and talk, then Amer announces that he didn't anyone to get upset but her got Nihal a gift. Jihad mood grows darker, but Nihal and Farida are giddy by the gesture. Amer says it is from his mother, meanwhile Faten is behind the door listening, Nihal opens the gift to see a metal statue of a ballerina, she likes it a lot and shows it around saying: "I have to call you mother right away and thank her!"

Faten then enters and Farida asks for tea and wonders where Malak is, Faten gives Jihad a look and heads to the door.

Nihal says to the siblings: "Thank God you came! The farm is boring without friends. I was bored out of my head! Come on now; let me show you your rooms!"

Nada says: "Um, we are leaving in the end of the day."

Nihal objects: "Come on, stay for the weekend at least!"

Amer smiles: "I'm in!"

Amer and Nada follow Nihal while she showed then their rooms. Farida inquires and asks Jihad what's wrong, but he sighs and says nothing to worry about, she smiles at him and forgets the whole thing.

We see Palqees giving Omar a call and setting a meeting with him that evening.

At dinner, we see the families eating the food but Jihad and Nihal aren’t speaking and Amer notices that and notice Nihal looking after Jihad longingly. Faten, Khalil and Malak are having their dinner in the kitchen. When the water in the main dining room is empty, Jihad volunteers to fill it, when he enters the kitchen, Malak hurries to help him, but he doesn't encourage her at all.

While Jihad is in the kitchen, Nihal and Amer finish their dinner and Amer asks Nihal for a night walk, she agrees, both of them go to fetch their coats.

Jihad sets the water and asks immediately: "Where are they?" Nada answers that they went for a walk. Jihad feels badly and Farida notices and says nothing. Nada then suggest that they work after dinner, though Jihad's mind isn't on work right now.

We that Amer and Nihal don't wonder a lot, they sit in the front yard on a wooden bench to talk. Amer confesses that he wasn't sure if he got an invitation because he asked for it, or if Nihal really wanted him here. Nihal comforts him and tell him she was so glad they came. He smiles a crocked smile and says wickedly: "You are running away from the subject as always!" she disagrees, he asks playfully: "Are this scared of me?" she laughs lightly.

Nada is speaking business and Jihad tries to listen but all he could think about is that Nihal is outside with Amer right now. He then gets up, to Farida's dismay, and excuses himself.

Outside, Amer touches Nihal's cold cheek and asks: "Why are you shaking?" she denies it. Amer says honestly: "I liked the idea of coming here, so I could spend some alone time with you. I really want you to know me better. I'm no longer the guy that Jihad tells you about. I've changed."

Nihal looks at Amer and he looks at her, she whispers softly: "As you wish." Amer confesses again that he was speaking about her with Jihad this morning. She shrugs: "He told me." Amer is surprised: "Really? I didn't expect him to tell you, because whenever I try to speak about you he changes and becomes overprotective."

Nihal defends Jihad: "He just tries to protect me." Amer asks: "From whom? Me?" Nihal answers the question with another: "You think I need protection?" He smiles and shakes his head "No".

They stare into each other’s eyes.

See you in E 19!! TC

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