Nihal and Jihad

Nihal and Jihad
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Monday, May 9, 2011

Samanyolu Dizisi: E17

We begin episode 17 were we left it, with Malak visiting Jihad and telling him that Nihal is with Amer now having lunch. Malak looks at Jihad's face and knows she scored gold, he looks mad with jealousy and in pain, but she feels happy.

We see Amer and Nihal having a nice lunch, though Nihal is mostly polite and quite while Amer tries to lead the conversation to dangerous territories like love and marriage. But Amer ask why Jihad is mad at him for caring for her, she says because he knows what his friend is truly like.

Malak then leaves after her 'friendly' visit, and Palqees keep asking her daughter Nourhan what is happening with her but she is always mad and won't answer.

Jihad can't sit still while Nihal is on his mind, and his jealousy is eating him so heads straight home to wait for her. Amer keeps trying to be romantic but Nihal isn't encouraging him at all.

We then see Farida and Faten heading out to Farida's doctor appointment, while Khalil is hailing them a cap, on their way out they meet Omar's aunt, who greets them nicely. Farida and Faten are so worried and annoyed, and Khalil doesn't like the neighbors at all.

When Nihal reaches her house, she finds Khalil fighting rudely and with no reason with Mahran and she feels so mad, that all her family are being so rude to their new neighbors.

Jihad then enters the house while Nihal is in the kitchen, she thinks it might be her mom coming back for Khalil but finds out it is Jihad, she says sweetly that she wanted to surprise him with his favorite cake.

But then she notices that he is so angry, she asks him then what is wrong and wonders why is he home early. He says angrily: "because I'm so angry and mad..." she wonders if something is wrong, his voice rises: "don't ask me like you don't know why, what are you trying to do Nihal??" she says she doesn’t understand.

He asks with an edge to his voice: "why did you go and have lunch with Amer?? Why?" she looks at him and says: "he insisted and I had to accept, what I should have done?!" Jihad then starts swearing, she asks him: "isn't he your friend? I met him because of you so don't put all this on me!" he shouts at her: "I stopped his disrespectful approach before, and now you are going out with him, what does that says about you Nihal??"

She shouts back: "Listen! Don't talk to me again while you're angry!" he shouts again: "then don't make me angry!" she shouts back that he has no right to shout and talk to her in that manner, he shouts back that she should listen to him, she shouts that she won't! And heads to the kitchen muttering to herself while he heads upstairs to try and cool down.

She then takes his cake and serves it nicely on a plate and heads to their new neighbors house, and decides to give them the cake as a peace offering. Jihad sees Nihal from the upstairs window and runs after her, his temper flying through the roof!

He finds her speaking with Omar and Mahran who were asking her about her age, and Omar said he has a girl her age but doesn’t know where she is. Jihad comes shrieking: "NIHAL!" she tries to ignore him but he orders her to go straight back home. She asks him what is wrong with him today. Jihad then says with a low voice that they should stay away from their family, Nihal then starts shrieking his name angrily: "JIHAD!" Omar then says: "then I'm right, Nihal is my daughter."

Nihal then runs home followed by Jihad, and then Farida and Faten come home, to find Jihad and Nihal at each other's throat!

Nihal tells Khalil that it is his fault that everyone is fighting with their new neighbors, Jihad tells her to stop what she is doing, she tells him he is angry today and wants to fight with anyone, he shrieks back that she should stay away from Omar, she tells him he is unbelievable, that he is jealous from any guy who comes near her even if he is as old as her father!

Farida asks Khalil what is going on, and heads to their raised voices, Nihal shouts at her whole family telling them they should behave better with their new neighbors! Jihad worries and tries to calm Nihal down, but she won't, Malak then enters the house to hear their voices and asks what is going on, she then says that Nihal should stand with them if they dislike this family, Nihal then says that Malak has a lot of opinions these days and maybe she should respect her station and have limits and hurries to her room. Jihad follows Nihal to talk to her, while Khalil, Faten and Malak head to their private compartment.

Jihad knocks at her door but she won't open and tells him to leave her alone, she opens the door and comes in and sit on her bed and tell her about Faten and Omar leaving some parts out. Nihal feels ashamed with herself and angry that no one saw fit to tell her what was going on, but feels so sorry for Faten.

Khalil feels put down and insulted and insist on them leaving the house and living by their selves. Khalil is disappointed in Malak, that she didn't go and accept her scholarship.

Farida then drop a bomb at Faten and tells her they should separate from each other that things are on thin ice now. Faten doesn’t want to but Farida insists, Nihal comes and apologize to Faten.

Palqees tries to let Nourhan tell her what's going on and Nourhan tells her mother that she hates Amer, and that he is having an affair with his partner's wife, Budoor. Palqees tells her daughter that she should be smart and try to win Amer even though he is a cheater. Amer then calls and Nourhan answers and they plan a date later.

Nihal keeps asking a lot of questions about Faten's past and Jihad and her mother try to answer them. Farida heads to her room and calls it a night, that left Nihal and Jihad together alone. He looks at her questionably and she looks at him and says: "all that happened today didn't make me forget that I'm mad at you. I can't forget how you treated me and I'm very mad at you."

J: All I do is to open your eyes, but you always have to do what I tell you not to do, am I right?
N: You are a hypocrite, you always bad mouth your friend, you only make me feel like Amer is a very bad person, but he never says anything bad about you though he could see how his sister Nada keeps running after you!
J: what is between Nada and I is only business.
N: everyone knows you like each other, and nobody says anything, but if I went on a regular date hell opens up!

J: I really can't understand you now!
N: pretend not to understand me, but I'm sure you do.
J: fine then! My lips are sealed
N: that's better! Because I don't want to hear anything more on the subject.

Jihad stands up to head to his room. But Nihal won't drop the subject of him and Nada. Jihad tries to answer her calmly but then he is exasperated at her and leaves the room.

The next morning Nihal feels bad for making Jihad mad and Farida announces to Nihal that Faten and her family are leaving. Nihal is shocked so is Faten.

Nihal then calls Jihad while he is in a meeting with Amer's father, she tells him if he is busy she will call later, he tells her she can tell him now, but she says later after she finishes an exam.

Palqees decided to have a talk with Budoor woman to woman, and tells her she knows everything and that she should stay away from Amer. Budoor is so worried and tells Amer.

Jihad talks to Amer and asks him to be careful when it comes to Nihal because he will always be there; Amer tries to convince him that his intentions are honorable. Amer says he thinks of Nihal in the future term and Jihad is terrified and worried that he might lose Nihal and recalls the night they spent dancing on the restaurant, the memory leaves him in pain and wonder about the bleak future.

Keep waiting for E 18!! See ya later!

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