Nihal and Jihad

Nihal and Jihad
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Monday, May 9, 2011

Samanyolu Dizisi: E16

Khalil enters the house with groceries and a very bad temper! He sees Faten (his wife) and says: "He is really rude!" she fins not knowing who he means, he answers angrily: "That ass Mahran something, he is cleaning the house floor and the whole street is filled with water! They have no class!" Faten feels angry and tells him to calm down, he then asks why she is angry and acting strange, she says because he is annoying the whole house because he doesn’t like their new neighbors! He says that he won't say anything then because she doesn't treat him like a man.

Farida enters the kitchen to see what is all the commotion is about, she greets them to break the tension and sets with Faten on the table and talk about another subject. When Khalil leaves the kitchen, Faten hurries up and closes the door, Farida asks: "what is going on with you two?" Faten tells her that Khalil keeps fighting with her about their new neighbors and that life in this house is becoming so difficult for her. They both set sadly there.

We see Jihad going to the company and talking with Nada on the phone, they both plan to meet to talk about their business. She tells him they will have to meet later because she is going on a trip to Athena today.

Inside the company we see Palqees coming to the administration floor and seeing an older man asking to meet Jihad, she doesn’t give it much thought until he says his name "Omar Fraki"! She tries to lure him into her office and have a talk but Jihad comes in and leads Omar to his office.

Palqees runs to Ali's office and tells him that Omar Fraki is here with Jihad! They decide to wait for them in the passageway until their meeting is done.

Jihad enters to the topic quickly, he asks Omar what he wants from Faten, Omar says he doesn't want to hurt Faten that he only wants the truth. He tells him he is searching for his daughter, Jihad tells him that Malak isn't his daughter, Omar says Nihal is. Jihad tries to hide his surprise with irony. Jihad threatens Omar to stay away from Faten and his family. Omar finally says: "Listen here, young man, I have to know the answer to why I have spent all my youth in jail, so if you know something and are hiding it from me, my pain will be your guilt."

Omar leaves with a promise to Jihad that he will know everything, Palqees is waiting outside with Ali, and Jihad looks at them with annoyance.

We see Nourhan sitting on her bed waiting for Amer to call her still. She then tries to call him but finds his phone busy.

Amer was calling Nihal and asking her out, Nihal and Malak are heading to their classes and are hearing Amer of speaker, Nihal says she can't meet him because she is busy. Amer insists to take Nihal out alone, but she insists that they have much more fun with others with them. Amer says he will try again tomorrow and before he says good-bye he says: "I love you" and Nihal hangs up.

Malak tries to push Nihal to go out with Amer, although it is obvious Nihal doesn't like him that way.

Budoor, Amer's mistress and his partner’s Medhat wife comes for a sudden visit after dropping her husband in the airport. Amer tells her his sister Nada is in Athena too so they decide to meet in Amer's house this evening but Amer's phone rings (Nourhan) but he doesn't answer so Budoor feels jealous, thinking it is Nihal.

Nada and Jihad and her father and their lawyers are meeting to sign their new partnership, Nada's father tries to joke that they might sign other contracts as well in the future like Nihal and Amer's wedding, but Jihad doesn’t find that notion funny at all. 

Ali is sick from Palqees's insistence and bossiness. Khalil fights with Faten because he saw speaking with Mahran.

At the dinner table the atmosphere is filled with silent tension between Faten and Khalil, Malak says that it is too quit when Jihad isn't home; Nihal makes fun of Nada saying that Jihad must be annoying her by that point. Malak is so jealous from Nada and Nihal. When Farida finishes her dinner and tries to stand up, she groans with pain, everyone is worried about her, but she says it is nothing. Nihal is so worried for her mom.

After dinner she follows Faten to the kitchen to ask why she is sad, and then she hugs her and tells her she loves her as if she was her mother, Faten starts crying, but Khalil doesn't like it. (I really love Nihal, she is so tender and sweet and very kind.)

Jihad calls Nourhan who is heading to Amer's house, to check on her. But Amer is with Budoor right now and wasn’t expecting any visitors. Nourhan knows Amer doesn’t want her here because he has someone else inside. She decides to wait until she sees who it is. She waits in the cold until she sees Budoor leaving.

Jihad goes in to see Nihal sitting in the cold under the gazebo covering her with a pink blanket. He heads to her. He looks at her with a warm smile on his face.

J: Nihal, what are you doing up here?
N: Sitting.
J: In this cold weather?

She looks down so he heads to sit by her.

J: You are going to get cold, it is better for you to go inside.
But Nihal shakes her head in a silent No. saying: I'm not cold.

They sit in an awkward silent until Nihal asks him: "How was the celebration tonight?" Jihad asks surprisingly: "What party?" Nihal sighs: "Weren't you celebrating your partnership with Nada?" He ahhed: "Ahh yes, that! She left for Athena today, maybe when she comes home tomorrow we will all go out and celebrate together."

N: Don't count me in, thank you. I don't want you to impress me in front of them again.
J: Ahhh, come on Nihal, stop it! You are hurting my feelings now. Are you noticing that we are arguing about something silly?!
N: Maybe it is silly for you, but it isn't for me.

Jihad chuckles saying: I always fall in the same problem with you, maybe Malak is right, and you get angry over silly things.

They look at each other, Nihal defensive and angry and Jihad tired and amused.

Meanwhile Malak is in the kitchen ready to through the trash outside, and then she sees them under the gazebo and eavesdrop as always! But can't hear anything. Now we have to silly girls waiting under the rain.

J: Kids fight and make-up, you act like kids sometimes.
N: I wish if I could act like kids, I just wish. I closed my childhood in an old box a long time ago, it is hard for me to open it again, and nothing now reminds me of my childhood. Shouldn't we all live by our ages? Shouldn't we all live as we wish? That is what scares me, I'm scared I can't be myself, I feel like I'm running away from my life, I don't want to be like that.

J: Don't hide your true self, be honest.
N: We can no longer be honest and clear, we grew up.

She smiles sadly at him and whispers: "I really miss my childhood." Jihad sighs and agrees with her.

N: Do you remember how many times we played here? We destroyed everything in our way.
J: and we never cared what the weather was, sunny or cold, we didn't get cold like we do now.

Nihal looks up and says: "It seems it will snow." then they both remember their shared kiss under the snow years ago. Then they look at each other with longing and a secret smile crosses Jihad's face. Nihal breaks the moment saying: "Let's go in now." he smiles at her warmly saying: "Come on."

Malak sees them getting up and runs upstairs to the house to hide inside the dark kitchen, forgetting to dispose of the garbage.

They enter together shaking from cold, he tells her at least the house is warm, she tells him it is not, he then comes near her trying to get her warmed up with his hands, they laugh and joke a bit. Jihad pulls her: "No more fighting?" she says flirty: "enough." he asks: "What does enough mean?" she says: "enough, no more fighting," they smile warmly at each other and head to their rooms upstairs. While Malak is frying like a cat on a hot stove (Hahaha! I'm sorry but I hate her!)

Jihad asks Nihal if his aunt is asleep, she says she is asleep early today because she was a bit tired. Nihal asks him if he is hungry, he says he isn't that he ate in work; they say goodnight and each heads to his room.

The next day, while Jihad is at work, Malak pops for a surprise -mean- visit, and tells Jihad that Nihal is with Amer having lunch today. She tells him Amer called her a lot yesterday and asked her out until she accepted today. Jihad feels sick with jealousy. And the evil Malak is just setting there, with an innocent smile on her face.

Until E17! Keep you posted!

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