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Nihal and Jihad
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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Samanyolu Dizisi: E14+15

Episode 14:
We begin this episode with Nihal getting ready in the morning and heading to check on her mom but find her up and out, then she heads to Jihad's room and finds him sound asleep so she playfully turns the radio on so Jihad wakes up, when Nihal heads down stairs Malak is waiting for her meanly.

Nihal knows of the news that some stranger entered their garden, and she is shocked. Meanwhile Jihad hears two voice messages from Jihad asking him to do something with him, Nada and Nihal. Amer is still with Nourhan, who is getting quickly to head home, but unfortunately meets Nada out; Nada is shocked and upset at her brother's foolish actions.

But Amer has one target now: Nihal.

Jihad then goes to have a shower while Farida enters the house after a quick morning walk and she got flowers too. Farida is mad that Malak told Nihal about the intruder from last night.

Nihal decided to have a fun, relaxing day and play "Tawleh" with Jihad and her family after breakfast.

Khalil is out from the morning to the police office to see what happened but the police are insisting the man is innocent and he entering the house was an honest mistake, another police officer asks Khalil why they are making such a big deal out of a small misunderstanding.

Palqees and Ali are after the story wanting to know everything.

Nihal asks Jihad if he called Amer because he called her, Jihad is irritated by Amer.

Nada faces Amer and tells him he has to change his actions, but Amer takes everything lightly. (I really like Nada, she is beautiful, smart and successful) then Amer announce that he thinks of Nihal seriously as a wife. Then he and she have breakfast with their family.

Palqees is shocked that Nourhan hadn't come home from the party yesterday. She asks her where was she and Nourhan lies and tell her we all had breakfast after they party, Palqees tells her daughter not to be stupid and leave Nihal to Amer.

Jihad then calls Nourhan and asks her to spend the day with them, though Nourhan tells Jihad she doesn't like Nihal and she is not sure if she should come.

Khadigh begins to blackmail Palqees silently for money for her son.

Everyone is attending to breakfast cheerfully and Khalil then comes with fresh fish, then everybody is wondering where Faten is.

Faten is out for an early visit to Omar's house to tell him to stay away from her and her family. But Omar won't give up.

Nihal keeps losing to Jihad (8-0) and everyone is having fun and telling old childhood stories to Nourhan. Malak then heads down stairs to find that her mom came with more fish and evidently bad news. Faten then heads to the other private setting room with Farida and they both start talking and Malak follows them and demand to know everything.

Faten then tells her story with Omar, but nothing more though Malak knows there is more. But Jihad comes and saves Faten by telling them all to come out and enjoy their company.

Episode 15:
The episode begins with Ali coming to meet Palqees in a cafe and telling her all he discovered about Omar and Faten.

Meanwhile Khalil tries to know anything from Faten while preparing lunch but Nada and Amer come to lunch with an unhappy surprise for Amer: Nourhan is also here! Nada is laughing that her brother is in trouble!

Malak opens the door to Amer and Nada while Farida call for Jihad and Nihal join them all, they go to the living too upstairs and greet Nourhan. Nada comment that Nourhan might still be sleepy from last night! Amer flirts with Nihal and tells her she looks beautiful again today, she jokes that she's trying to win in Tawleh game! Malak then chuckles and announce she is going down stairs to help, Amer asks her before she leaves why didn't they "brought" her to the party yesterday, she looks at him meanly and says she didn't feel like it. Nada comment afterword to break the silent that the house is so beautiful.

Malak is in no mood to see anyone so she heads to her mom room looking for something, and finds her mom's ring from Omar and decided to wear it to vex her mother.

Nihal shows Nada around the house, and Amer flirts with Nihal but Nourhan argues with Amer while everyone is looking around. And Jihad of course is out of his head with jealousy! Nourhan is mad at Amer and asks him why is he treating her like that, he changes the subject and run for his life! Jihad notices that Nourhan is not her usual self; he asks her if something is wrong privately but she smiles and says everything is fine.

Farida, Khalil and Faten are still wondering who took another copy from their police file, but the subject annoys Faten a lot and she begs for them to change the subject.

We then see that Ali and Palqees (Who took the copy from the police office) found an old photo of Omar before he went to jail for 25 years. Palqees then announce that she actually knows Omar and that he is one of her husband's connections. Ali is surprised that someone who was rich and important entered jail for 25 years, Palqees tells him she doesn't care for the reason unless it involves Farida; she wants to know her secret.

We then see that Omar aunt and his friend buy the house beside Farida's house. So they would be close by his daughter and Faten. Omar waits outside in their car, but he is not happy, he just wants the truth.

Amer and Nada keeps saying how much Amer likes Nihal, and how his parents are pushing him to marry soon. But Jihad is cynical about the whole thing, and Amer tries to tell him that he changed and is considering marrying seriously; Nourhan of course is dying inside. Jihad keeps annoying Nihal, and says that she should stay away from Amer, and she should concentrate on her studying, Nihal tells him she doesn't understand his meaning. Jihad tells her not worry that Amer understood, Amer jokes that Jihad is Jealous over Nihal, she says he acts as if he is jealous from Amer, which makes everyone awkward.

Then Malak comes and join everyone at the table, and raises her hand and her mom sees her ring on her finger. Khalil was taking the trash outside when he sees Omar's car parked outside and goes to investigate.

Faten is annoyed and shocked by her daughter and can't take her eyes from the purple ring. Nihal notices the ring insistently and asks Malak if she could try it on, Malak passes the ring through Jihad to her, Jihad and Nihal admire the beauty of the ring, while Malak and Faten argue in the kitchen, then Khalil comes and inform Farida that their new "neighbors" came again and maybe they should inform the police. Jihad tells him to calm down until he inspects the whole thing, he heads outside followed by the rest of the family.

Jihad heads out followed by the rest of the family and friends. Omar, Mahran and Omar's aunt Salima all come as a courtesy visit to inform the family that they are here to stay, and to apologize for the misunderstanding of yesterday, Nihal knowing nothing tries to make jokes to make everyone comfortable, when she laughs she rises her hand with Faten's forgotten ring on it, and Omar sees it and decided that Nihal is his true daughter not Malak.

Everyone goes to the main parlor and stands waiting to hear the story, especially Nada, Amer and Nourhan who know nothing. Nihal is surprised at her family and how they did treat their new neighbors.

They head to the living room to have tea and talk, Nihal still sees the whole thing as funny and Amer agrees but then Jihad says it is not funny and he doesn't understand why she is laughing (Another long awkward moment after Nihal and Jihad picker).

After everyone leaves, Faten is emotionally drained but Malak won't leave her be. Before they leave Amer tries to make new plans for tomorrow but Nada and Jihad say they can't make it because they will celebrate their new business partnership. Nihal is jealous from Nada and shocked that Jihad said nothing about it to her.

Amer tires to make everything light with Nourhan when they say goodbye but she is so hurt and mad at him. Nihal is mad at Jihad too and asks him why he keeps impressing her in front of everybody, Malak cuts in and asks Nihal to help her in the kitchen.

Jihad heads upstairs to find his aunt Farida lost in her unhappy thoughts and worries about Omar and Nihal.

In the kitchen Nihal gives the forgotten ring back to Malak, Nihal says that the stone is beautiful so Malak says that she shouldn't worry because she is sure she will wear a new ring on her finger soon (she means marrying Amer) Nihal objects softly, so Malak wonders if maybe she doesn't want Amer because she has someone else in her mind (there she meant Jihad) Nihal looks at her sadly and says no, there is no one else.

Nourhan goes home to find that Ali is there with her mother, Palqees is worried about Nourhan, and she wants her to marry Amer Andatch. Ali then asks Palqees when ‘they’ will get married, she playfully says not now. But Ali is frustrated about the unnecessary delay in their matrimony plans.

Jihad insists that they should tell everything to Nihal, but Farida doesn't agree. Nihal asks her mother if she would stay and watch a movie with her after she showers but Farida says she is too tired, and maybe she and Jihad should watch one together. She nods and goes to take her shower, Jihad goes for a walk.

Jihad heads to Omar's house and finds Mahran instead; he then gives him his card and asks him to ask Omar to call him if he wanted to talk. Meanwhile Nihal takes a shower and everyone else goes to bed early.

Nihal finishes her shower heads to change while Jihad works on his laptop inside his room. When she heads to her room, she looks at Jihad's room and finds it empty, when Jihad comes come he looks at her bedroom door and finds it locked. Nourhan and Palqees are having a talk about catching Amer. Nourhan text Amer but he won't answer.

Nihal starts watching her favorite movie "The Notebook" and cries, when Jihad comes out and sees her crying and lying in a relaxed position on the sofa, Nihal adjusted herself and dry her tears, he says then:

J: "How many times have you seen this movie?"
N: "It is none of your business! How many times have you seen Indiana Jones? I never asked you why!"

J: "Don't turn the TV off; I want to watch the movie with you!"
N: "There is no need for you to see it!" He looks at her and teases her while she hides her tears:

J: "Why not? Are you shy to cry in front of me?" She tries to get up and go to her room but he pulls her down again.

N: "Don't Start!"
J: "But I like it when you cry in front of me."

N: "Leave me!"
J: "Come on sit with me." He pulls her close to him "Are you mad at me?"

N: "Because you impressed me in front of your girlfriend!" Jihad looks at her lovingly and then chuckles.
N: "Of course you are laughing at me, to amuse her!"
J: "But Nada is not my girlfriend."

N: "Oh yeah!? I believe you!"
N: "You know what?! You are free!" She tries to go again but he pulls her.
J: "We didn't finish the movie yet."

N: "I don't want to see it anymore!" she rises from her seat and goes to her room.
N: "And don't impress me again!"

Jihad sits and watches the rest of the movie.

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