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Nihal and Jihad
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Samanyolu Dizisi: The Advertisements and The Soundtrack

Forget Chanel Number 5 and Nicole Kidman! I want Samanyolu, Jihad and that beautiful pink dress! I just loved the series ad!! Samanyolu means: Twilight - Milky Way - galaxy - Via Lactea. But It means the Milky Way/Galaxy here.

This is the ad's video! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!

Clip art of the video:


I added the songs of the series because they are a very big part of my loving to this show... the songs are filled with pain, even if you don’t understand the words, you can feel the longing, the loss and the broken love of Jihad and Nihal.

The Lyrics of the series songs

Tutsak Saklama Yüzünü (Prisoners Face Custody):
In Turkish:
Saklama yüzünü
Yarım kalan hüznünü
Yavaş yavaş dağılır
Bulutlar Karanlıklar
Yine duvarlar örülür tenine
Yeni umutlar süzülür yüreğine
Bir damla gün ışığı yüzüne yasak
Gözyaşı umut hep sana tuzak
Elin kolun bağlı aşk sana yasak
Her yeni sabah gecene tutsak
Hep sana uzak
Ah Hüznüne tutsak

In English:
Don't hide your face
Your incomplete sorrow
Clouds and darkness
Slowly disperse
Walls are built on your skin again
New hopes float into your heart
A drop of sunlight is forbidden for your face
Tears and hope are traps for you
Your hands are tied, love is forbidden for you.
Each new morning is the prisoner of your night
Always away from you
Ah, prisoner of your sorrow

Firtina (The Storm)
In Turkish:

Bu kanayan aşk yüzüme vuruyor
Her yanımdan ahh yakıp geçiyoR
Bir yanım gider, bir yanım kalır
Fırtına dinmez, seni benden alır

Zor artık yeniden aşk, kalbim biliyor
İçimde ağlayan çocuk "Yok, olmaz" diyor
Bir yanım kaçar, bir yanım kalır
Fırtına gelir seni benden alır

In English:
This bleeding love hits me in the face
Oh, burning me in all sides, it passes by
One side of me leaves, the other one stays
The storm doesn’t abate, it takes you away from me

It is hard to love again from now on, my heart knows it
The crying child within me says “No, never”
One side of me runs away, the other one stays
The storm comes and takes you away from me


On the website I added a page for the book that started this wonderful series:



  1. Jihad wrote their love story so he won't ever forget anything about Nihal...

  2. sooooo romantic and dreaming I loooove the promotion ,The idea is very impressive, matching perfectly to the story <3

  3. Yes!! I agree!! It is very romantic and beautiful! Though I wish the story wasn't so dramatic!

  4. Dana dear were are u ??!! am waiting the E14 -E15

    merciiiiiiiiii :)

  5. I'm Wondering where does this part come into the film ? i have never seen this part :/ to be honest - Help please :)

  6. Hey Amelia!!! I'm sorry to say that this is only an ad for the series and it will not be included inside of it. :)

  7. Hey Thanks :D I was wondering about this, It would have been Better if they included this :) the original ending is kind of a dissapointment ;)

  8. I agree!!! I wished it was more passionate!

  9. I've edited this page lately, so please give it another look :)

  10. Has this series been translated into English and if yes where can i find it?