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Nihal and Jihad
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Samanyolu Dizisi: E01-07

I haven't watched series on TV for a very long time, I just hate the waiting, so I always bring DVDs but 2 weeks ago on the 3rd of April, 2011, I was flipping through the channels and I stopped on MBC+Drama, number 101, and a new TV show (Soap series) was airing its first episode at 7:00 P.M. (It's fate!), the series is originally called Samanyolu Dizisi (2009) which means in English Twilight Series but now that it is translated into Arabic it is re-named "Nada Alomar" which is kind of close to the original meaning of the Turkish name.

In the original series the names of the two main characters are Nejat (guy) played by Özcan Deniz and Zülal (girl) played by Vildan Atasever. In the Arabic translation Nejat is Jihad and Zülal is Nihal.

Today is Sunday and I reached episode 7. I will outline the events till this point.
Jihad has been abounded by his father when his mother died and his father re-married a wicked woman her name is Palqees (Who is having an affair with her wicked attorney, Ali), who hated Jihad and wanted him out of her new life.
So Jihad’s aunt, his mother's sister volunteers to raise Jihad as her own. But the pain of being abounded by his father never faded.

His aunt Farida has a daughter, her name is Nihal, Though Farida wanted Nihal and Jihad to be raised as sister and brother, Jihad falls in love with her deeply and silently for years. In Frida's house lives her maid Faten and her husband Khalil and daughter Malak, who is too in love with Jihad.

One night, 3 years ago from the main events, the snow was falling and Jihad and Nihal were playing with each other (They were teenagers) and suddenly Jihad pulls Nihal and kisses her deeply, she is too shocked so she pulls away and slaps him. He feels rejected and hurt so he decides to leave Turkey to UK and study there so maybe his love for his cousin would lessen. While playing and embracing Malak, Faten's daughter sees everything and feels utterly jealous from Nihal because she loves Jihad deeply.

3 years has passed and Jihad’s father is dying, so his aunt Farida asks Nihal to send an e-mail to Jihad to ask him to come home. Nihal feels very worried, she hasn't spoken to Jihad since that day.

So Jihad comes home, and meets his father who feels so guilty and wants to leaves all his fortune to his son and leaves his wife Palqees and his daughter Nourhan penniless, Jihad tells his father he wants nothing and leaves. Palqees hears this and decided to kill her husband Fakhri before he changes his will.

The father dies the next day after Palqees kept the conditioner on so his heart would give up before he changes his will and gives everything to Jihad. The war between Palqees and Jihad begins.

When Jihad comes home, he finds that Nihal is out, she was worried and not sure how they would act around each other after all that happened.

Jihad goes to her bedroom and finds his monkey with the word: "kucuk maymuna nejat" which means: "nejat little monkey".

Nihal shows up and asks him what's he doing in her room, and the tension is broken. Then they all go and have tea and talk. Malak tries to be mean, but Jihad and Nihal are unfazed.

Meanwhile, in the burial, Jihad’s friend Amer comes to the picture wanting to win Nihal over; Amer's sister Nada wants Jihad for herself. Amer comes home with Jihad and after her leaves he catches Nihal looking at them from her bedroom window. But when Jihad looks too she feels exposed. Especially after they all had coffee and she excused herself as to sleep.

When Jihad goes up stairs, Nihal comes out of her room, it is the first time they are really alone, he looks at her passionately and says: "You have grown up a lot, you have changed and became a woman, but your eyes still have a little girl in them, you grow up and became so beautiful." Nihal feels so shy, she enters her room, but leans against the door clutching her heart and unsteady breath, Jihad feels the same way on the other side.

When Jihad leaves his room, he heads to Nihal's door and she feels him coming but changes his course in the last minute and goes to talk to his aunt. Who reveals the big secret about Nihal.

Jihad is shocked by his strong feelings for Nihal still; the only ones who know how much Jihad and Nihal love each other are Malak and Faten. While he sat in the garden after dinner, she opens her window playfully and teases him. When she closes her window he sighs to himself and says strongly and desperately: "I really love you."

When Amer begins his moves, Jihad feels so jealous but powerless, and Nihal wants to make Jihad even more jealous so she accepts Amer's approach. One day Amer comes and he and Jihad and Niahl and Malak go out to car carting and coffee.

That night Amer calls Niahl and she flirts with him under Jihad’s nose, so he goes and speaks with his Aunt Farida to keep busy. His aunt and her house-keeper are keeping a huge secret that will change everyone's life forever and keep Jihad who intended to leave with them.

Farida tells Jihad that Niahl isn't her daughter and that she is broke and needs his help to protect her daughter from both truths. But she hides who is her real mother.

The next day while at a party in Amer's house, a thieve enters the house and stabbed Farida down, while coming back from the party Jihad, Niahl and Malak are shocked by the hospital car and the police surrounding the house, Nihal goes nuts with worry for her mom, so Jihad takes her to the hospital and take care of her.

But while at the party Nihal is so overwhelmed with jealousy, Jihad seems happy and the girls all approach him, so she goes to the balcony outside, Jihad looks for her and sees her standing there alone, he approaches her silently and sniffs her hair deeply then whispers, why are you here all alone? Aren’t you cold? She looks at him and shacks her head in a No. She then heads inside and Amer insisted on them dancing, but she kept looking at Jihad and he at her, Nada pushes herself at Jihad openly, and then Nihal insist to go home, while saying goodbye to Amer, Jihad spots his sister Norhan drunk out of her head, he tries to make her stop and take her home but she makes a scene and refuses, Amer says he would take her home, while he is there Norhan tries to kiss Amer but he rejects her because she is drunk and his friend's sister.

While Jihad is in the hospital with Nihal, he tries to tell her how sorry he is if he ever hurts her, and she should trust him. because he cares deeply for her and his aunt and he won't leave again. They hold hands and he gives her his coat and holds her until she sleeps. then he watches her lovingly.

In the hospital, Jihad discover that Nihal's biological mother is none other than Faten the house-keeper, she and Farida beg him not to tell Nihal, he doesn't like it but promise them nonetheless. Because the truth no longer just effect Nihal but Malak and Uncle Khalil as well.

After recovering a bit, Farida goes back home and Palqees comes with a threat, that she owns their house and wants them out in the end of the month so Jihad decides to fight back.

He goes to UK to collect his belongings and finish his job; Nihal takes him to the airport and the embrace passionately several times making them both very happy. But before heading to the airport, while driving Jihad to the airport, he recieves a phone call from his lawyer, she starts crying, when he asks he why is she crying, she tells him she felt like she knew nothing from what really was going on at home. She stopped the car and head to the beach, he hugs her and tell her that now he is here, he would take care of everything.

While she is in her dancing studio, Amer stopped by and insets on them going out for dinner. They do and Jihad knows from Malak. While in dinner, Nihal slips and tell Amer about their financial troubles and how her mom is selling some of her valuable antiquities in his auction next week.

Amer bids on Farida's antiquities and send them with a check as an anonymous bidder, but Nihal knows it’s him and she says so, Jihad just got back from London and is furious by the dishonest gesture. He fights with Niahl and tells her to stop encouraging him. He goes to Amer and gives him his check back with the two antiquities as gifts from his aunt.

Amer is mad so the next day he sends Nihal and her mother two bouquet of flowers, in Nihal's card he confesses his attraction to her. 

Meanwhile Jihad goes to his father company and claims his seat as the CEO of the company his step-mother Palqees goes plastic!

I will tell you what will happen next tomorrow!! keep your eyes open for my next post!


  1. I saw the series in Turkish and I love it soooo much coz it's different than another Turkish series before , i love the silent feeling love between Jihad and Nihal and I love the music the players the story and sure my love Ozcan deniz I love all his series and songs he has a wonderful personalty .. thx dear Dana I love what ur doing it's amazing :)) Hoda Assaf, Ozcan Deniz fan :)

  2. :) I'm so glad you like it!!! Please follow me! I love the song Tutsak Saklama Yüzünü (Prisoners face Custody), I add it as my phone ring tone! And I agree with you!! It's a beautiful love story!

  3. I've just started watching this too! It's looks so nice, and such a great story. I have found out one particular spoiler that complicates the story-line (as is the Turkish way!) But it looks like it's going to be great, I just hope it has a happy ending unlike the latest one I watched (Aski Memnu/Ishq il Memnoo)!
    And thanks for describing the name of that song, I've now found it on youtube, thank you! I look forward to hearing more on your blog, you have great pictures here, great stuff.


  4. Thank you so much Noora!!!! I'm happy you like my blog! :) Plz come more!