Nihal and Jihad

Nihal and Jihad
With a Magic Wand, I'll be Yours...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Samanyolu Dizisi: E13

After all the commotion at home because of the mystery fight between Malak and Nihal, everyone is stressed out, especially Faten.

But Faten's stress increases when her Husband Khalil insists to go to the police with the tape to discover who the intruder was. Khalil comes back from delivering the tape with bad news to Faten. The police identified the person as an ex-criminal with a loaded file.

After Omar (Nihal's real father) and his friend and assistant Maher leave Paradise Restaurant to return home, the police stop them and take Maher in, Omar follows them to the Police building worried but not sure what is going on.

There, Omar sees Malak, and he feels strong feelings thinking she is his daughter.

After Faten received the horrible news, she calls Farida at Amer's parents party telling her something she never mentioned in the 20 years they knew each other: Nihal's father is alive and out of prison.

Farida is shocked by the unexpected news and mad at Faten for lying to her, meanwhile Palqees was hearing every word wondering what is going on! So she sends Ali after her!

Farida goes and tell Jihad she has to go home, and that he and Nihal should stay late so she could solve some things with Faten. Jihad agrees.

But Nihal gets worried when she can't see her mother in the attendance guests, she asks Jihad where her mother is, and he tells her she had a headache and left early. She calls her mother anyway to make sure everything is okay, her mom insists upon her remaining till the rest of the evening and enjoying her time.

But Nihal is bored and uncomfortable by Amer's apparent interest in her. She asks Jihad if they could leave already, he agrees, when they are out, he tells her she looks too nice for their evening to just end, and insist on taking her out to dinner.

Meanwhile, Faten harries to the police office and take Malak with her. There she sees Omar and panic. They leave the building with Malak's questions building up but find Farida waiting in a cap, they all head home and Ali goes to investigate what is going on.

Palqees gets so drunk and impress Nourhan, who is so mad at her mother.

Jihad takes Nihal to a beautiful quite restaurant, that is set on a high building the looks out all the glittering city, the walls are all made of glass, and the rain was engulfing the place in a special charm that evening, the hour was late so the place was theirs alone.

Nihal is enchanted by the place and keeps telling Jihad how beautiful everything is.

The music starts suddenly and Jihad asks Nihal for their second dance that evening, she smiles and they dance romantically and closely. Nihal looks around her and Jihad says: "I wish everything was lasting as the Milky Way (Samanyolu)." Nihal says sadly: "I wish but the Milky Way is up there hidden by the clouds ." Which means like their love which is hidden as well.

Nihal and Jihad feels very emotional and tears glow in their eyes, so Nihal leaves to stand beside the window though Jihad leaves her reluctantly.

Standing there, her back to him, her tears spill. She then turn around and says she is a bit dizzy and that maybe they should go home. Jihad says sadly: "Whatever you want." and they leave to walk in the misty night after the rain stopped.

Back home, Faten and Farida argue silently in Farida's room, Malak tries to find out what is going on, but Farida says strictly that she and her mother are talking privately.

She stays in the kitchen waiting for Nihal and Jihad to return home, suddenly the phone rings; it was Omar who mistakes Malak's voice for her mother. He says one word: "Faten?" when Malak says: "No, its Malak." he hangs up.

Malak catch her mother who was ascending the stairs and heading to her bed chamber to sleep and tell her about the strange phone call and demanded to know what is really going on. Faten leaves to her bedroom with no answers. Malak stays up in the kitchen waiting.

In the way home Jihad and Nihal talk about life, she asks him if he was happy leaving and traveling the world, he says he liked traveling but what he really wanted was back home.

Nihal confesses that she feels like a little girl living in a bottle with one constant person, her mother. That she knows nothing of the world or who she is, that she envies him for knowing exactly what he wanted.

Then she drops a bomb saying: "I want to live in a love story." Jihad looks at her speechless and they head home.

There Malak follows them silently and hearing everything. Nihal checks at her mom who is faking sleep.

When she heads out of her mother's room, she finds Jihad still waiting for her in front of her bedroom door. She tells him how much she enjoyed their night, he tells her he would gladly take her out again whenever she wants, she smiles and tells him: "Good night, Jihad." he looks at her with thousand unsaid words hanging in the air.

when she turns to leave, he steps forward as if to stop her, she looks at him, they stare at each other silently, then she walks to her bedroom and he steps backward not taking his eyes off her, until she closed her door.

As soon as both doors closed, Farida was at Jihad's door, knocking softly, she entered begging him to remain quite, and she whispered that she is so worried and that Nihal's real father is here.

Jihad shushes her, when he opens the door; he finds Malak eavesdropping and looks at her disappointingly.

She tries to cover her embarrassments but can't so she heads to her room.

Nihal hears their exchange and shakes her head, sorry for Malak.

Then Jihad goes back inside and Farida tells him everything.

On Amer's house we find that he and Nourhan spent the night together. They agree to keep what happened between them a secret, especially from Jihad.

Palqees insists that there is something wrong with Farida and wants Ali to investigate.

Until episode 14! See you later!

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