Nihal and Jihad

Nihal and Jihad
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Samanyolu Dizisi: E11+12

Episode 11 begins where it ended with Malak and Nihal facing each other and arguing over Nihal telling her secret to her mother Farida.

Malak is convinced that Nihal told on her because she wanted to make her life a living hell, and to make everyone laugh at her. Nihal keeps telling her that she told her secret for her own good, that she didn't want her to lose a great chance to successes in life over a love story that will never work out.

When Faten comes out to break the fight Malak tells her mother that she hates her too and runs off to the street late at night. Nihal tries to tell Faten that she meant well, but Faten leaves Nihal with no word and follows Malak.

Everyone is worried; especially Faten's husband Khalil who's oblivious to everything that is going on. Faten runs after Malak to try to calm her down, apologize and put some sense in her head.

At first Malak resists but then she feels ashamed and begs her mother no let Jihad never know how she feels for him. Her mom promises that no one will tell her secret crush to Jihad.

While all this commotion is happening back home, Jihad was having a pleasant dinner with his half-sister Nourhan, and there having dinner too is Amer's family, his sister Nada and their parents. Amer comes to their table and greet Jihad and Nourhan, and make them promise to come to his parent’s 30st anniversary party this weekend.

Palqees calls Nourhan and is furious to find her having dinner with Jihad. Nourhan is happy that her mom is going nuts over this.

When Jihad comes back home after dinner, he finds Faten and Malak at the front door, he feels something's wrong and asks but no one answer, when they all enter the house, Nihal, Farida and Khalil are waiting, Malak goes past them all without a word, Faten after her, and Khalil follows them to know what happened, Jihad asks his aunt what is going on, she tells them it is nothing but Nihal faces him and tells him that everything is his fault, that he shouldn't have come back! And runs to her bedroom, Jihad is surprised by the attack and tries to get his aunt to tell him what is really going on but she keeps eluding his questions.

Jihad later tries to MSN Nihal but she won't answer.

We see that the tension in the house has lasted until the day of the party and that Jihad and Khalil still don't know what is going on the house.

Khalil's relationship with Faten isn't going good either. Faten's past, secrets and first love will always stand between them. And Khalil knows that but can't take it.

We see so many flashbacks in both episodes to continue to put the pieces of Faten past and Nihal's origins.
We see that Faten was a girl in love with a man her family didn't approve of, and that she already slept with him, his name is Omar and he fights for her and tries to see her and tell her how much he loves her, Faten's brother goes nuts, holds a gun and try to kill Omar, but they both fight for the gun and Faten's brother dies and while seeing all this her father has a heart attack and dies too.

Faten is divested by what happened to her family and blames Omar who spends 20 years in prison. But in this episode Omar comes back wanting to know his daughter and mistake her for Malak.

Jihad pushes Malak and Nihal to reconcile but Malak refuses, so Nihal manipulates her infront of Jihad to make a falsehood peace in the house.

When Nihal is getting ready to the party that night, she takes a shower and Jihad sees her after it, Jihad feels as always so attracted to her. But when she comes out in the evening ready to go, she captures his breath. When helps her put her jacket on, he sniffs her hair closely that it brushes his nose. (Very romantic moment!)

Meanwhile, Omar and his friend from prison Maher want to get Faten's number so Omar would get some answers and know his daughter.

So Maher waits until all the family is out so he could enter and listen to Faten and Malak.

Since the robbery, Khalil installed cameras around the house, and he caught Maher in tape and sent it to the police though Faten tried to convince him not to send it.

It seems Faten's past is coming back strongly to suffocate her. I feel sorry for her.

The family passes by Nourhan to pick her up and head to the party. Everyone looks nice. Palqees and Ali come unannounced and very unwelcome!

Amer makes advances on Nihal that causes Jihad to be very watchful and stiff. His mother kept telling Farida how much Amer like Nihal which makes Farida uncomfortable because she notes how Nihal and Jihad look at each other and how intimate they look together.

Amer's mistress Budoor, his partner's wife, is very jealous from Nihal and confronts Amer about her demanding to know what his plans are.

She notes how she and Jihad stare at each other and tells Nada who insist that they are only cousins.

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