Nihal and Jihad

Nihal and Jihad
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Monday, April 18, 2011

Samanyolu Dizisi: E10

Today's episode was filled with action!!

We begin the episode at Jihad and Nihal's house, everyone finishes breakfast and Farida and Nihal will go to visit their Husband/Father grave. Jihad heads at the same time to the company and Palqees and Ali meet in front of her house and head to the hospital to visit Khadijeh and insure her silence to see if she got the message and would leave matters alone.

When in the hospital, Jihad's lawyer goes to visit Khadijeh too, but she refuses to continue with their previous plans to destroy Palqees.

In the company Jihad receives his first visitor of the day, Amer. Who came to talk and ask about him and invite him and Nihal out. Jihad welcomes him but declines the invitation because he promised his sister Nourhan to take her out tonight for dinner. (Meanwhile Nada is still pushing Jihad to do business with her).

When Nihal and her mother Farida reach the graveyard, Nihal feels so worried and she can't hold her tongue so she tells her mother why Malak won't leave, that she loves Jihad, and she feels Jihad doesn't return her feelings and she would lose a great opportunity to achieve something.

Farida gets worried and very disappointed with Malak and plan to talk to Faten when she goes back home.

While in the cemetery, Nihal says sadly that she barely recalls her father's voice and that his face is exactly like the photos they have for him, never changing or moving. Farida starts telling her sweet things her dad used to do for her.

While they are leaving, you see a man looking at them from afar, watching them closely. (I think he would be Nihal's biological father).

Back to the house Malak is restless, when she hears Nihal teasing Jihad about Nada. She then sits at the kitchen table and tells her parents that they will never belong to this family, that they might live with them and are treated well by them, they would never be part of them.

Her parents are appalled and are worried that Malak is so jealous of Nihal.

Faten heads to her room and opens a drawer and opens a jewelry box with a beautiful ring inside with a purple stone, when she holds it we have a flash back of another part of her mysterious past.

We see Faten as a beautiful young girl with fancy clothes, and she looks kind of like Nihal in her youth, which means she was from a good family. We see her tossing her big fur jacket to the floor and the necklace she is wearing too angrily, but when she wanted to toss the ring she couldn't she looks at someone we can't see and say: "Why won't you leave me alone!? I really hate! Stay away from me!" but the angry words are broken because there is so much pain and hurt in them, and she runs away and we see the legs of a man in a suit looking after her but not following.

We return to Faten who is crying in her room whispering: "I hate you!" when Malak's enter and think her mom is crying because of her.

Farida returns in a taxi so Nihal would head to her class, when she goes to the living room, Faten is there and they start talking. Farida tells Faten that she knows why Malak won't go, that she is in love with Jihad (and of course, again, Malak is eavesdropping and goes nuts!) she then storms to her room and tries to call Nihal twice but Nihal is already in her class and she shuts the phone.

She then storms to her mother and Farida and starts shouting that this is a lie! That Nihal is a spoiled liar, and that she is the one that loves Jihad and she kept her secret for years!

Faten tries to silence her daughter but she won't shut up, and Farida tells Malak to watch her tongue but Malak still won't shut up, she looks at her mother angrily and tells her: "Am I not right?! We are never part of this family! I am the poor girl who fell in love with the Mr. of the house! But it is not her mistake that the Lady (Nihal) is a mean, spoiled brat! I really hate her!" But then Faten couldn't take and she slaps her daughter hard, and Malak tells her mother that she hates her and storms to her room and locks the door, Faten follows her and begs her to open the door.

Farida comes and tell Faten to leave Malak until she calms down. They are so worried that their secret might come out, so Farida tells Faten that Malak should leave and it would be better for everyone.

Jihad goes out and has dinner with his sister Nourhan and finds Nada and her parents in the same restaurant having dinner. Nourhand tells Jihad earlier that her mother and her lawyer are getting married, Jihad is happy for the news!

When Nihal returns home, Malak jumps her and they have a shout down (more like Malak shouted and Nihal stared!) and she tells her mother and Nihal that she hates them both!

We'll see what will happen next on today's episode! Keep following my blog for more news! 


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