Nihal and Jihad

Nihal and Jihad
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Samanyolu Dizisi: E09

I really, really, really hate Malak!!! She is a pain in the butt!! She knows Jihad loves Nihal and that Nihal loves him too, but she still won't let go! She wants what is not hers!

Today's episode was so upsetting to me!

We return to the dinner scene that celebrates Malak's scholarship. Nihal says after the dinner was over that she was so happy she stayed as her mom wanted because she had so much fun. But Malak wasn't having any fun; she left the dining room, after her mom and dad talked about how much they were proud of her and how much they loved her. She just couldn't take it. Before she left her dad, Khalil was telling them how much he loved his wife when he first met her, how he couldn't speak in her present, that he always looked through the roses just to have a glimpse of her, Malak then said meanly: "Oh, what if the garden spoke! What would it tell?" Nihal is surprise by the attack so is Jihad though he doesn't know that Malak saw them kissing.

Nihal then goes to her room after kissing Farida and Faten goodnight and telling them not to worry about Malak leaving them, that they still have her.

Jihad then goes after Malak to talk to her, she tells him she doesn't want to go, he chuckles and tell her teasingly: "Oh, so who is the lucky guy you won't leave for?" She looks at him meaningfully but then Nihal comes to join them after seeing them in the garden, Jihad sees her watching them from her bedroom window and he laughed silently. Malak acts mean, then she and Nihal race to the house but before she (Nihal) reaches the stairs Jihad comes and catch her from behind and they both look at Malak to leave them alone, she leaves grudgingly.

Jihad then whispers to Nihal that he is sorry for the way he lost his temper the other night; she tells him why I should forgive you just because you said you are sorry. (Of course Malak is watching them, as always) then Nihal runs for the stairs again but he catches her and they face each other, he whispers that she should forgive him flirty, she laughs softly, then he says laughingly too, "are we clear... friends again?" She laughs, he asks "do you still hate me?" she says "no" and then she tells him he's being silly laughingly and runs. He is happy too, when they reach the bedrooms floor they find Malak waiting.

Meanwhile, Nourhan, returns home because Jihad didn't call her back yet and she has no money or gas left, her mom acts that she is really sorry and that she loves Ali and they intend to marry, she convinces Nourhan that she never cheated on her father. Nourhan believes her and when Jihad calls worried she acts mean and as if nothing actually happened.

On the other house, Malak wants to tell Jihad how she feels so late at night she knocks at his door and Nihal hears the knock from her room, so when Malak enters and closes the door, Nihal open hers and slip to eavesdrop at their conversation, Malak tells Jihad he forgot his cell phone done stairs and she wanted to give it to him, when she tries to tell him she can't especially that Jihad treats her like a little girl.

Then the door suddenly opens so Nihal acts as if she wanted to drink from the bar, but they all know she was just eavesdropping, but this seems to make Jihad even happier that she is jealous.

She then tells Malak that they could talk in her bedroom. Here Malak drops the bomb! She tells Nihal that she loves Jihad and she has loved him for so long. When she leaves she waits outside Nihal's door, Nihal starts crying hard as if her heart was wrenched in two!!

The next morning at breakfast Nihal is in a bad mood, so she busts Malak asking her casually: "Did you tell your parents about your decision?"

Malak acts foolishly and tells everyone she decided not to leave because she wants to stay close to the people she loves meaning Jihad.

Everyone is disappointed in her rash decision and they say so.

Meanwhile, while Palqees is having breakfast she hears the maids whispering urgently, she asks them what's up and they tell her that Khadijeh has had a hit and run yesterday.

Palqees is terrified and knows that Ali did it for her; she calls him and demands a meeting with him A.S.A.P.

See for episode 10 today!


  1. great , I love when Jihad run Behind Nihal and the

    Beautiful and lovely dialogue between them the smiles the eyes language and every part of that wonderful Scene :))Ihave prepared a lot of times <3 thxxx a7la Dana :)

  2. Thanks Zhoor :) I am so happy that you liked it!