Nihal and Jihad

Nihal and Jihad
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Friday, April 15, 2011

Samanyolu Dizisi: E08

So here we go again...

We reached the scene when Amer sends flowers for both Aunt Farida and her daughter Nihal, apologizing for acting the way he did.

Nihal still feels hurt because of the way Jihad talked to her, and she still believes he is wrong in his assumptions; Malak meanwhile is satisfied with the turning of events but is still worried Jihad might choose Nihal or even Nada (Amer's sister) over her.

While on their way to University, Malak confronts Nihal and tell her she saw her and Jihad kissing in the snow 3 years ago. Nihal is mortified but tries to act cool as if the kiss was nothing, but she stops the car a bit so they could talk, she tells Malak that Jihad kissed her. Malak says she knows and she saw her slapping him, Nihal keeps on insisting it was nothing. Malak remains silent.

While Nihal is in class, Malak is on the campus cafeteria studying, when she gets a happy phone call from home.

Faten was setting with Farida as usual when Khalil came purging in telling his wife that their daughter Malak received a letter from the Swedish university she applied for as a scholarship.

They all called Malak because they couldn't stay put and not knowing what the letter said.

Malak agrees that they should open the letter; her mom laughs and tells her daughter she got accepted. Everyone is in tears out of joy and pride. But Malak isn't happy, now that Jihad was staying she no longer wished to go. Faten tells Malak that they would have a special dinner later that evening celebrating her success.

After Malak hung up the phone, Nihal came out of class with some friends; they talked for a while then parted ways. She sat with Malak, and then Malak told her about her scholarship; Nihal is out of herself of happiness for Malak.

They then leave to go home, not finishing their last period.

Returning to Jihad and his father's company.

Palqees is furious, but her lawyer and lover Ali tries to calm her down, saying they shouldn't rush. Jihad's lawyer enters the office and tells Ali and Palqees that they should be careful. That he have a witness of Palqees's mistreatment of her late husband.

Palqees goes pale and is so worried but try to act sarcastic. But Ali takes it seriously. He then decided to get rid of the witness (The house-maid Khadyjah) he sends two men, who scare her and run her over.

Meanwhile, Nada comes to visit Jihad to apologize for her brother because her parents were upset by his action toward Nihal.
And then they start talking business; Nada wants to go into business with Jihad, he said he would think about it. She invites him to dinner, but the phone rings, and Jihad answer his Aunt Farida, who tells him about Malak's great news and then tells him to please come home for dinner. He says he would.

Instead of dinner with Nada they go to a bar and have a drink and a talk, while they are there, Nada's ex-boyfriend approaches them and that makes her uncomfortable.

Jihad tells her to cut their evening short, and he heads home.

While sitting on the dinner table waiting for Jihad, Nihal still feels upset and her temper rises because he is late, her mother tells her to give the man a slack, for it is his first day and all. But she insists on starting without him, the others do reluctantly.

When Jihad comes Nihal tries to get out of dinner, but her mom gets upset of her spoiled maneuvers and orders her to set still until dinner is over.

Palqees and Ali go to her empty home after Palqees dismissed the servants for the day and she was sure her daughter is in a sleep over at a friend's house.

They make love and whatnot, but then Norhan comes home unexpectedly and is shocked but what she sees, she runs back to her car and tries to call Jihad but his phone is turned off because he is having dinner with his family.