Nihal and Jihad

Nihal and Jihad
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Samanyolu Dizisi: E13

After all the commotion at home because of the mystery fight between Malak and Nihal, everyone is stressed out, especially Faten.

But Faten's stress increases when her Husband Khalil insists to go to the police with the tape to discover who the intruder was. Khalil comes back from delivering the tape with bad news to Faten. The police identified the person as an ex-criminal with a loaded file.

After Omar (Nihal's real father) and his friend and assistant Maher leave Paradise Restaurant to return home, the police stop them and take Maher in, Omar follows them to the Police building worried but not sure what is going on.

There, Omar sees Malak, and he feels strong feelings thinking she is his daughter.

After Faten received the horrible news, she calls Farida at Amer's parents party telling her something she never mentioned in the 20 years they knew each other: Nihal's father is alive and out of prison.

Farida is shocked by the unexpected news and mad at Faten for lying to her, meanwhile Palqees was hearing every word wondering what is going on! So she sends Ali after her!

Farida goes and tell Jihad she has to go home, and that he and Nihal should stay late so she could solve some things with Faten. Jihad agrees.

But Nihal gets worried when she can't see her mother in the attendance guests, she asks Jihad where her mother is, and he tells her she had a headache and left early. She calls her mother anyway to make sure everything is okay, her mom insists upon her remaining till the rest of the evening and enjoying her time.

But Nihal is bored and uncomfortable by Amer's apparent interest in her. She asks Jihad if they could leave already, he agrees, when they are out, he tells her she looks too nice for their evening to just end, and insist on taking her out to dinner.

Meanwhile, Faten harries to the police office and take Malak with her. There she sees Omar and panic. They leave the building with Malak's questions building up but find Farida waiting in a cap, they all head home and Ali goes to investigate what is going on.

Palqees gets so drunk and impress Nourhan, who is so mad at her mother.

Jihad takes Nihal to a beautiful quite restaurant, that is set on a high building the looks out all the glittering city, the walls are all made of glass, and the rain was engulfing the place in a special charm that evening, the hour was late so the place was theirs alone.

Nihal is enchanted by the place and keeps telling Jihad how beautiful everything is.

The music starts suddenly and Jihad asks Nihal for their second dance that evening, she smiles and they dance romantically and closely. Nihal looks around her and Jihad says: "I wish everything was lasting as the Milky Way (Samanyolu)." Nihal says sadly: "I wish but the Milky Way is up there hidden by the clouds ." Which means like their love which is hidden as well.

Nihal and Jihad feels very emotional and tears glow in their eyes, so Nihal leaves to stand beside the window though Jihad leaves her reluctantly.

Standing there, her back to him, her tears spill. She then turn around and says she is a bit dizzy and that maybe they should go home. Jihad says sadly: "Whatever you want." and they leave to walk in the misty night after the rain stopped.

Back home, Faten and Farida argue silently in Farida's room, Malak tries to find out what is going on, but Farida says strictly that she and her mother are talking privately.

She stays in the kitchen waiting for Nihal and Jihad to return home, suddenly the phone rings; it was Omar who mistakes Malak's voice for her mother. He says one word: "Faten?" when Malak says: "No, its Malak." he hangs up.

Malak catch her mother who was ascending the stairs and heading to her bed chamber to sleep and tell her about the strange phone call and demanded to know what is really going on. Faten leaves to her bedroom with no answers. Malak stays up in the kitchen waiting.

In the way home Jihad and Nihal talk about life, she asks him if he was happy leaving and traveling the world, he says he liked traveling but what he really wanted was back home.

Nihal confesses that she feels like a little girl living in a bottle with one constant person, her mother. That she knows nothing of the world or who she is, that she envies him for knowing exactly what he wanted.

Then she drops a bomb saying: "I want to live in a love story." Jihad looks at her speechless and they head home.

There Malak follows them silently and hearing everything. Nihal checks at her mom who is faking sleep.

When she heads out of her mother's room, she finds Jihad still waiting for her in front of her bedroom door. She tells him how much she enjoyed their night, he tells her he would gladly take her out again whenever she wants, she smiles and tells him: "Good night, Jihad." he looks at her with thousand unsaid words hanging in the air.

when she turns to leave, he steps forward as if to stop her, she looks at him, they stare at each other silently, then she walks to her bedroom and he steps backward not taking his eyes off her, until she closed her door.

As soon as both doors closed, Farida was at Jihad's door, knocking softly, she entered begging him to remain quite, and she whispered that she is so worried and that Nihal's real father is here.

Jihad shushes her, when he opens the door; he finds Malak eavesdropping and looks at her disappointingly.

She tries to cover her embarrassments but can't so she heads to her room.

Nihal hears their exchange and shakes her head, sorry for Malak.

Then Jihad goes back inside and Farida tells him everything.

On Amer's house we find that he and Nourhan spent the night together. They agree to keep what happened between them a secret, especially from Jihad.

Palqees insists that there is something wrong with Farida and wants Ali to investigate.

Until episode 14! See you later!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Samanyolu Dizisi: E11+12

Episode 11 begins where it ended with Malak and Nihal facing each other and arguing over Nihal telling her secret to her mother Farida.

Malak is convinced that Nihal told on her because she wanted to make her life a living hell, and to make everyone laugh at her. Nihal keeps telling her that she told her secret for her own good, that she didn't want her to lose a great chance to successes in life over a love story that will never work out.

When Faten comes out to break the fight Malak tells her mother that she hates her too and runs off to the street late at night. Nihal tries to tell Faten that she meant well, but Faten leaves Nihal with no word and follows Malak.

Everyone is worried; especially Faten's husband Khalil who's oblivious to everything that is going on. Faten runs after Malak to try to calm her down, apologize and put some sense in her head.

At first Malak resists but then she feels ashamed and begs her mother no let Jihad never know how she feels for him. Her mom promises that no one will tell her secret crush to Jihad.

While all this commotion is happening back home, Jihad was having a pleasant dinner with his half-sister Nourhan, and there having dinner too is Amer's family, his sister Nada and their parents. Amer comes to their table and greet Jihad and Nourhan, and make them promise to come to his parent’s 30st anniversary party this weekend.

Palqees calls Nourhan and is furious to find her having dinner with Jihad. Nourhan is happy that her mom is going nuts over this.

When Jihad comes back home after dinner, he finds Faten and Malak at the front door, he feels something's wrong and asks but no one answer, when they all enter the house, Nihal, Farida and Khalil are waiting, Malak goes past them all without a word, Faten after her, and Khalil follows them to know what happened, Jihad asks his aunt what is going on, she tells them it is nothing but Nihal faces him and tells him that everything is his fault, that he shouldn't have come back! And runs to her bedroom, Jihad is surprised by the attack and tries to get his aunt to tell him what is really going on but she keeps eluding his questions.

Jihad later tries to MSN Nihal but she won't answer.

We see that the tension in the house has lasted until the day of the party and that Jihad and Khalil still don't know what is going on the house.

Khalil's relationship with Faten isn't going good either. Faten's past, secrets and first love will always stand between them. And Khalil knows that but can't take it.

We see so many flashbacks in both episodes to continue to put the pieces of Faten past and Nihal's origins.
We see that Faten was a girl in love with a man her family didn't approve of, and that she already slept with him, his name is Omar and he fights for her and tries to see her and tell her how much he loves her, Faten's brother goes nuts, holds a gun and try to kill Omar, but they both fight for the gun and Faten's brother dies and while seeing all this her father has a heart attack and dies too.

Faten is divested by what happened to her family and blames Omar who spends 20 years in prison. But in this episode Omar comes back wanting to know his daughter and mistake her for Malak.

Jihad pushes Malak and Nihal to reconcile but Malak refuses, so Nihal manipulates her infront of Jihad to make a falsehood peace in the house.

When Nihal is getting ready to the party that night, she takes a shower and Jihad sees her after it, Jihad feels as always so attracted to her. But when she comes out in the evening ready to go, she captures his breath. When helps her put her jacket on, he sniffs her hair closely that it brushes his nose. (Very romantic moment!)

Meanwhile, Omar and his friend from prison Maher want to get Faten's number so Omar would get some answers and know his daughter.

So Maher waits until all the family is out so he could enter and listen to Faten and Malak.

Since the robbery, Khalil installed cameras around the house, and he caught Maher in tape and sent it to the police though Faten tried to convince him not to send it.

It seems Faten's past is coming back strongly to suffocate her. I feel sorry for her.

The family passes by Nourhan to pick her up and head to the party. Everyone looks nice. Palqees and Ali come unannounced and very unwelcome!

Amer makes advances on Nihal that causes Jihad to be very watchful and stiff. His mother kept telling Farida how much Amer like Nihal which makes Farida uncomfortable because she notes how Nihal and Jihad look at each other and how intimate they look together.

Amer's mistress Budoor, his partner's wife, is very jealous from Nihal and confronts Amer about her demanding to know what his plans are.

She notes how she and Jihad stare at each other and tells Nada who insist that they are only cousins.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Samanyolu Dizisi: E10

Today's episode was filled with action!!

We begin the episode at Jihad and Nihal's house, everyone finishes breakfast and Farida and Nihal will go to visit their Husband/Father grave. Jihad heads at the same time to the company and Palqees and Ali meet in front of her house and head to the hospital to visit Khadijeh and insure her silence to see if she got the message and would leave matters alone.

When in the hospital, Jihad's lawyer goes to visit Khadijeh too, but she refuses to continue with their previous plans to destroy Palqees.

In the company Jihad receives his first visitor of the day, Amer. Who came to talk and ask about him and invite him and Nihal out. Jihad welcomes him but declines the invitation because he promised his sister Nourhan to take her out tonight for dinner. (Meanwhile Nada is still pushing Jihad to do business with her).

When Nihal and her mother Farida reach the graveyard, Nihal feels so worried and she can't hold her tongue so she tells her mother why Malak won't leave, that she loves Jihad, and she feels Jihad doesn't return her feelings and she would lose a great opportunity to achieve something.

Farida gets worried and very disappointed with Malak and plan to talk to Faten when she goes back home.

While in the cemetery, Nihal says sadly that she barely recalls her father's voice and that his face is exactly like the photos they have for him, never changing or moving. Farida starts telling her sweet things her dad used to do for her.

While they are leaving, you see a man looking at them from afar, watching them closely. (I think he would be Nihal's biological father).

Back to the house Malak is restless, when she hears Nihal teasing Jihad about Nada. She then sits at the kitchen table and tells her parents that they will never belong to this family, that they might live with them and are treated well by them, they would never be part of them.

Her parents are appalled and are worried that Malak is so jealous of Nihal.

Faten heads to her room and opens a drawer and opens a jewelry box with a beautiful ring inside with a purple stone, when she holds it we have a flash back of another part of her mysterious past.

We see Faten as a beautiful young girl with fancy clothes, and she looks kind of like Nihal in her youth, which means she was from a good family. We see her tossing her big fur jacket to the floor and the necklace she is wearing too angrily, but when she wanted to toss the ring she couldn't she looks at someone we can't see and say: "Why won't you leave me alone!? I really hate! Stay away from me!" but the angry words are broken because there is so much pain and hurt in them, and she runs away and we see the legs of a man in a suit looking after her but not following.

We return to Faten who is crying in her room whispering: "I hate you!" when Malak's enter and think her mom is crying because of her.

Farida returns in a taxi so Nihal would head to her class, when she goes to the living room, Faten is there and they start talking. Farida tells Faten that she knows why Malak won't go, that she is in love with Jihad (and of course, again, Malak is eavesdropping and goes nuts!) she then storms to her room and tries to call Nihal twice but Nihal is already in her class and she shuts the phone.

She then storms to her mother and Farida and starts shouting that this is a lie! That Nihal is a spoiled liar, and that she is the one that loves Jihad and she kept her secret for years!

Faten tries to silence her daughter but she won't shut up, and Farida tells Malak to watch her tongue but Malak still won't shut up, she looks at her mother angrily and tells her: "Am I not right?! We are never part of this family! I am the poor girl who fell in love with the Mr. of the house! But it is not her mistake that the Lady (Nihal) is a mean, spoiled brat! I really hate her!" But then Faten couldn't take and she slaps her daughter hard, and Malak tells her mother that she hates her and storms to her room and locks the door, Faten follows her and begs her to open the door.

Farida comes and tell Faten to leave Malak until she calms down. They are so worried that their secret might come out, so Farida tells Faten that Malak should leave and it would be better for everyone.

Jihad goes out and has dinner with his sister Nourhan and finds Nada and her parents in the same restaurant having dinner. Nourhand tells Jihad earlier that her mother and her lawyer are getting married, Jihad is happy for the news!

When Nihal returns home, Malak jumps her and they have a shout down (more like Malak shouted and Nihal stared!) and she tells her mother and Nihal that she hates them both!

We'll see what will happen next on today's episode! Keep following my blog for more news! 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Samanyolu Dizisi: The Advertisements and The Soundtrack

Forget Chanel Number 5 and Nicole Kidman! I want Samanyolu, Jihad and that beautiful pink dress! I just loved the series ad!! Samanyolu means: Twilight - Milky Way - galaxy - Via Lactea. But It means the Milky Way/Galaxy here.

This is the ad's video! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!

Clip art of the video:


I added the songs of the series because they are a very big part of my loving to this show... the songs are filled with pain, even if you don’t understand the words, you can feel the longing, the loss and the broken love of Jihad and Nihal.

The Lyrics of the series songs

Tutsak Saklama Yüzünü (Prisoners Face Custody):
In Turkish:
Saklama yüzünü
Yarım kalan hüznünü
Yavaş yavaş dağılır
Bulutlar Karanlıklar
Yine duvarlar örülür tenine
Yeni umutlar süzülür yüreğine
Bir damla gün ışığı yüzüne yasak
Gözyaşı umut hep sana tuzak
Elin kolun bağlı aşk sana yasak
Her yeni sabah gecene tutsak
Hep sana uzak
Ah Hüznüne tutsak

In English:
Don't hide your face
Your incomplete sorrow
Clouds and darkness
Slowly disperse
Walls are built on your skin again
New hopes float into your heart
A drop of sunlight is forbidden for your face
Tears and hope are traps for you
Your hands are tied, love is forbidden for you.
Each new morning is the prisoner of your night
Always away from you
Ah, prisoner of your sorrow

Firtina (The Storm)
In Turkish:

Bu kanayan aşk yüzüme vuruyor
Her yanımdan ahh yakıp geçiyoR
Bir yanım gider, bir yanım kalır
Fırtına dinmez, seni benden alır

Zor artık yeniden aşk, kalbim biliyor
İçimde ağlayan çocuk "Yok, olmaz" diyor
Bir yanım kaçar, bir yanım kalır
Fırtına gelir seni benden alır

In English:
This bleeding love hits me in the face
Oh, burning me in all sides, it passes by
One side of me leaves, the other one stays
The storm doesn’t abate, it takes you away from me

It is hard to love again from now on, my heart knows it
The crying child within me says “No, never”
One side of me runs away, the other one stays
The storm comes and takes you away from me


On the website I added a page for the book that started this wonderful series: