Nihal and Jihad

Nihal and Jihad
With a Magic Wand, I'll be Yours...

Friday, July 29, 2011

Samanyolu Dizisi: E22

Episode 22 begins where we left off, with Jihad and Nourhan having dinner, Jihad was over drinking and Nourhan kept feeling sick.

Jihad tells his sister that Amer has so many flaws, but his major one is women, when he gets what he wants, he disposes of them like ragged dolls. But he will kill him if he did that to Nihal.

Jihad says clearly: "Just that you know, friendship and families aren't the same, when my friendship with Amer affects my family, than it has to end, if he dared hurt anyone of my family members, I'll kill him personally. And more so, I don't believe he even loves Nihal! Our friendship is over!"

We see Palqees waiting for Amer outside his house door in the cold. Amer gets from his car slowly, obviously surprised to see her there, she marches towards him purposefully. She begins the conversation.

P: even if I had to wait tell morning, I would have waited.
A: Why?
P: Sure you know why.
A: and how did you get my address?
P: I know every address my daughter goes to.
A: Oh, the perfect mother.
P: Nourhan said that Jihad came for a visit when she was over, what's up with Nihal?
A: From this evening, Nihal is my fiancée, Madam.
P: Were you toying with my daughter??! This idea of you marrying Nihal will be just a dream, or I'll take my revenge on you and your family!
A: Your daughter wanted this, if you want a scandal, it could be done both ways, your daughter is easy.
P: Don't think for one minute that I'm not capable of destroying you, even Jihad doesn't know about you too yet. How do you think he will react? You will see what I'll do.

And she leaves. And Jihad and Nourhan leave the restaurant as well, in the hospital we see that Khalil is waiting to see if Omar will make it. Omar had a heart attack from drinking alcohol and because of cancer. Khalil calls Faten and tells her Omar is sick but he is alive at the moment. Faten is relieved.

Jihad walks aimlessly after dropping Nourhan home; he feels tightness in his chest from his overpowering pain.

Than his wondering feet took him from the seaside to the nearest bar, and he drinks and drinks, dry scotch until the people and noises around him faded away like a blur.

Finally he gives up, calls a cab and heads home, but he isn't steady on his feet. He enters the house and climbs the stairs clumsily until he reaches Nihal's bedroom door.

He enters and finds her asleep with her covers low on her tiny waist, he drinks the sight of her petite body relaxed under the covers. Then he gently pulls the covers higher to her shoulders. He rises slowly and finds a scarf on a chair near her bed; he sits down facing her back.

Jihad stares at Nihal for a minute than pulls the clutches scarf near his nose and inhales her scent deeply, burying his face in the pink folds.

He whispers: "God, the pain in my chest is killing me. How could we live under the same roof so close to each other but yet so far apart? As long as my aunt Farida is alive, I'll have to endure this living nightmare all my life, and keep this secret that is killing me... if you knew the truth, would you have picked me instead of Amir? What is my fault if this is the tradition? And what is your fault?"

Jihad sniffs back a tear "if we are related, we cannot marry... I swear to God, I'm so jealous and protective over you, I'm jealous from anything your eyes sees or if anyone sees you... if I lost you, I'll be lost... "

Suddenly, Nihal startle in her sleep, she rolls her head sleepily to the sound of his voice, opens her eyes in a slight line and returns to her deep slumber again.

Jihad's tears roll violently, and he lowers his head in total defeat. He clutches the scarf to his face again, snaffling his voice and tears, and taking a last swift of her perfume, his hand moved to her unwillingly, but he stopped himself before touching her. He stands up, leaves the scarf on the bedside table and turn away from her. Than her remembers that her scarf was on the chair so he retunes it there.

He closes her door without looking back, stand leaning upon it, waiting for some power to keep him away from her and on his feet and heads to his room.

In the morning, we see the Saral family women in the upstairs living room, with two seamstress, making Nihal's engagement dress. Farida and Faten are fussing around her, taking hair styles and whatnot.

On the Andatch Company, the whole family is staring at a plan of Amir and Nihal's future house. Nada and Amir leave their parents and head to Nada's private office to have some coffee and talk.

They discuss Palqees and her daughter Nourhan. Nada advices her brother to stay away from them and keep their relationship a secret, especially from Jihad.

In the Akanji Company, Palqees and Ali talk about the engagement, Ali advices her to let the subject drop but Palqees decided to make her final hit before the engagement party in one day.

Jihad and his lawyer are talking business and enter the subject of Palqees the deiced to meet at dinner, the lawyer asks if Jihad is attending the engagement party, and he says he won't.

Late in the afternoon, the dress is almost done, the seamstresses leave and Jihad comes in, and he sees Nihal in her new dress, looking great, standing with his aunt. But he isn't happy. He informs them that he won't attend the engagement party. Nihal objects but Jihad won't give in his low opinion on Amir.

Farida wanted to follow Jihad and talk to him but Nihal insists that he is free to do whatever he wants. But Farida won't listen.

F: You blame me?
J: You know everything and you're keeping silent!
F: I asked her if that's what she wants and she seems to thinks she is right.

J: Amir is going to break her! You are her mother and you won't do anything! I know Amir well.
F: Maybe you think Amir is bad because you love Nihal and want her for yourself.

Jihad looks at his aunt with disbelieve and pain in his eyes. And smiles bitterly. He says: "I was always silent just for you. And I locked my feelings for so long. I was silent because I thought you were her mother. And our costumes refuse that I marry a girl I'm related to. What kind of a question did you ask, aunt?!" Farida looks ashamed.

F: I'm so sorry Jihad, you are right.
J: this time, you are too late. Excuse me now, I want to change my clothes and head out.
F: of course, dear.

Farida leaves with shame on her sleeves but Nihal interrupts what happened to her mother wanting Jihad to come and he refused. So she gets furious with him. She wanted to speak to him but her mother said to leave him alone.
Omar returns home and sees Khalil and wonders what's happening and Khalil tells him it's Nihal's engagement party tonight. The Andatch family arrives then.

We see Jihad drinking with a broken heart, and Nourhan pacing with a broken heart over Amir.

While the Saral and the Andatch families join in celebration. Amir's family wonder where Jihad is and they inform them he won't join the festive for tonight, Amir says it's because of him.

Jihad and his lawyer brain storm session begin to put Palqees down and show the world that she killed his father. They decide to do an autopsy first, and then move from that point. 

Omar swears that he won't forgive Faten if Nihal is truly his daughter. He asks Mahran to bring their lawyer because he wants to write his final will.

The engagement ceremonies proceed so well and Faten takes part. After Jihad's lawyer leaves him he continues on drinking but lighter than the night before. Nada calls him but he won't answer, Malak hears Amir Say to Nada that from now on Jihad's 'cousin' belongs to him!

Jihad leaves the restaurant and wonder aimlessly around the city. Palqees comes home to find her daughter balled up on the sofa with misery written on her face. She tells her that "their" engagement was tonight. Palqees says its okay, because the scandal will be bigger after they announce their engagement.

At home, Farida waits for Jihad to talk to him, he comes and she begs to talk and he agrees reluctantly. 

F: You know you are like my own son.
J: I know.
F: before she came up with this engagement, I was planning to tell her the truth, but Faten didn't agree.
Faten thinks that she can't make her other daughter Malak unhappy over your love to Nihal. After Nihal leaves the house, we'll leave as well; we put you in hard place.

Jihad kisses his aunt hand and says: "It's not because of Nihal that I didn't kick you out. You are my aunt and my mother, my house is your house until I die." Farida cries and tells him how much she regrets her choice to adopt Nihal and not tell her the truth earlier "I was so selfish, and I hurt everyone around me." Jihad asks where she is. Farida informs him Nihal is in her room, he tells his aunt he is going to talk to her.

Nihal invites who is knocking in only to discover its Jihad. She looks at him breathlessly and looks at her and fixes a smile on his face, she returns his smile, and he closes the door behind him. He sits in front of her on her bed nervously.

J: Are you happy?
N: Yes.

Jihad pulls a box from his jacket "I brought you a gift." Nihal looks at him with surprise, watching his face, as he opened the box, to reveal a charm pendant "This will protect you." She asks breathlessly "What is it? What’s inside?" he smiles and answers "A prayer. Never remove it."

She touches the necklace while he is holding it and asks "will you help me wear it?" he bites his lips in a sour smile and takes the charm gently. They advance their postures to each other, and Nihal holds her hair away so he can lock the necklace. Jihad takes his time with his arms around her, enjoying her nearness. Her forehead rests on his unshaven cheek, while she trembles from his heat. They looked at each other’s eyes with high intensity.

When the moment breaks, Nihal says seriously: "to tell you the truth, I'm mad at you. But thank you a lot for the gift." he looks at her and turn serious too "I'm vanquished by you, and your welcome." they stare at each other than Nihal gives Jihad a warm hug. They enjoy their embrace with pain. 

N: Please, tell me something good. Please, don't destroy my happiness.  
Jihad shakes his head "if you are happy, no one can destroy your happiness." Nihal's eyes glint with unshed tears.

J: But I can't tell you, what you want to hear, when I know it's not right.
Nihal nods with surrender to sadness. Jihad rises slowly and leaves her room, they lock eyes before he hangs the door close, and with the last click, Nihal lets her guard down and cries, holding the charm close to her heart. 

The next morning Palqees pays a visit to the Andatch Company, to talk with Amir's father Medhat. He welcomes her reluctantly and Amir is nervous. She comes in and tells Medhat about Amir's and Bodoor's affair. Their partner’s wife. She tells them to break the engagement or a big scandal will irrupt.  

See you soon on E.23!!!